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  1. Hi !!! Why can not I use potentiometers over 10K? I noticed that the 50k (linear B) potentiometers connected on the ainser64 board do not send CC = 63 when it is midway (5V / 2 = 2.5V), but sends CC = 63 when it is just over halfway down (2.90 V) at the entrance of 4051. Sorry, my english.   Tks, Marco
  2. 10K POT. w/ Push-Swith & RGB Shaft

    Hello, I've got a quotation for 100 pieces of 12PLRGBSD1VBF-D-15F-2B10K-001-6H from TOP-UP It's a linear 10K Potentiometer with RGB Led Shaft and Push-Switch of 0.3mm travel. Price is 3.90$ each. 100 pieces is a minimum and this is not very big. I haven't got shipment price for the moment. Specifications: The shaft type: Flatten(F) shaft length: 15mm Taper: Linear(2B) resistance value: 10K Drawing(pdf)  / Specs(pdf) / Taper(pdf) Who wants some?  
  3. openMaster Masterkeyboard

    openMaster Masterkeyboard Today, i start the development of the openMaster master keyboard. It should be a kind of clone of the "openLabs Neko". Let's bring up some features: 61-key master keyboard computer with an VST host 64 pots (MIDI controller) 16 faders (MIDI controller) built-in hardware sequencer and an audio interface for high quality output If you want to see more of it, stay tuned 
  4. Hi, i'm searching for a good source for pots replacement of MB808, i'm seeing that's are really hard to find. Any help or unknown source is welcome.   G.