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  1. Apologies if this is redundant, but I didn't see a similar post anywhere else in the forum, so I thought I'd share.. As I started to piece together my bill of materials for an MB-6582, I realized I would have to do a lot of sorting and counting from the tables in the wiki.  I decided to copy & paste into a spreadsheet for easier pivoting and here's what I came up > Covers parts for the Base PCB only > Assumes 4xCore Modules & 4 x SIDs (either 6582 or 8580, not including regulator parts for 6581) > Uses power supply option E   Description Value Qty. Part Sourcing Links Base PCB MB-6582-BS 1 Capacitor - Electrolytic (Radial) 100µF 25v 1   10µF 25v 9   1µF 50v 8   2200µF, 16V (or 25V) 1 Capacitor - Metal Film 22nF 16 Capacitor - MLCC 100nF 36   1nF 16   33pF 8   470pF 8 Crystal 10MHz 4 DIN Socket 5-Pin 2   7-Pin 1  (Amazon - hard to find these days) Diode 1N4148 5 Header 2-Pin 2 Any   3-Pin 9 Any   4-Pin 1 Any   4-Pin Dual row 1 Any   8-Pin Dual row 4 Any IC 24LC512 - 512K EPROM 8   6N138 Optocoupler 1   74HC165 - Shift Reg (Parallel to Serial) 5   74HC595 - Shift Reg (Serial to Parallel) 11   PIC18F4685 Microcontroller 4   SID 6581/6582/8580 8 Check eBay or Etsy - Good luck! IC Socket 16-Pin 16   28-Pin 8   40-Pin 4   8-Pin 9 Potentiometer - Rotary 100K - Dual Gang 4 Potentiometer - Trimmer 10K 5 Resistor 1.2K 1/4 1% 4   100 Ohm 1/4W 1% 4   10K 1/4W 1% 25   1K 1/4W 1% 34   220 Ohm 1/4W 1% 20   5.6K 1/4W 1% 1 Resistor network (5-pin or 6-pin) 10K 10 Stereo Phono Jack with Switch Neutrik - NMJ6HFD2 4 Toggle Switch Salecom T80-R 1 Transistor BC337 1   BC547 16 Voltage Regulator 5V SREG 1   7809 1A 1 Component Grand Total   338       Cheers!    
  2. Hola,   it has been a while since the last photo tutorials - I really wanted to do this for some time, but there was always work or some other distraction... but now, there is some time to spend at the solder station :smile:.   This will be a documented one-time build for a MIDIbox member, who is an industrial designer and wants to create his own MBSEQ enclosure and frontpanel (thus the non-standard control surface LEDs). Am very eager to see the end result :-).   Each step will be photo-documented and contain parts lists, where possible - hope you enjoy the build documentation and that it may be some help to other people wanting to build a MBSEQ, who may yet be intimidated by the amount of parts necessary, the soldering or the software configuration.   I will try to structure this tutorial in such a way, that progress is quickly visible - and that you do not need to assemble everything before "turning it on" the first time. The faster some progress is visible, the higher the motivation to continue building... :-)   The MBSEQ is the most awesome piece of music gear, that I own - many thanks to TK. and Wilba, who made it possible!   Enough talk, let´s get started :-)   Many greets, Peter   Here are links to other existing photo tutorials: Custom SEQ V4 (DIY control surface, VFDs, ebony wood carrier):   MB6582 Control Surface: