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  1. 2 songs made with the new TriggerMatrix V3 Sequencer...: more chill influenced of molvaer...:   2nd is made for a contest, its about love...  
  2. MIDI Sequencer - Simple sequence

    From the album MIDI Sequencer with Arduino

    Secuenciador MIDI : Secuencia simple
  3. crimic-noname

    ;) dont have a name for it...
  4. crimic - MondMoosPolster

    this time a ambient Drone-Sound tune:    
  5. crimic - nobelherberge

    output from the weekly jamsession > triggermatrix back in action
  6. crimic - NuPunk

    ...this time only one cam...
  7. Hello, A half year ago, I built my own midi-controller with the support of this forum and here are the tracks i made with this controller.