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  1.   my first Art-Music-Video, the story goes round the hamsterwheel it sadness and the escaping off it... there are also english subtitles! and also german subtitles (Because i sing in austrian dialect)
  2. a outtake from our Benefiz-Concert - for a local youth-centrum...
  3. youtube video a outtake from our concert in the ars-electronica-center "skyloft", its smooth, beautiful music, we paint art like: vernissage, motion-picture, book-presentation and lyric.... i heavyly used my midibox triggermatrix for the beats and sounds.... we have also more 4the floor songs... this was more lounge.   have fun...
  4. 2 songs made with the new TriggerMatrix V3 Sequencer...: more chill influenced of molvaer...:   2nd is made for a contest, its about love...  
  5. crimic - asyncron circus

    a nother jam version