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  1. SammichSID OLED

    Anyone tried retro-fitting a 20x2 character OLED to the SammichSID? I recently (after Many years) rediscovered my SammichSID. It still sounds great, but sadly the original LCD has faded almost to invisibility, so I wondered if a more modern OLED would work. I've heard OLEDs can cause HF noise issues, so I'm especially interested to find out if this would be the case with a drop-in replacement of the original LCD.
  2. does the speakjet synth work on stm32F4?

    Sorry to dredge this thread up from the mists of ancient time, but.. I'm considering making up a little PCB for the LPC17-based implementation of Audiocommander's MB SpeakJet synth, based on the schematic in the SVN. Would you recommend I try and rejig the circuit to use a different set of IO pins? It currently uses pins P2.2-2.5 (PWM1.3-1.6). Would changing the pins used (if that's necessary) require a major rewrite of the MIOS software? I'd also like to add an amp section (with volume attenuator) to bring output level up to Eurorack synth levels. a|x
  3. New LPC1769 Boards And MIOS

    Cool, thanks again. Do you happen to know if I will be able to upload MIOS applications from MIOS Studio via USB MIDI, assuming I don't have a DIN MIDI in socket? The super-minimal SpeakJet synth just has a USB socket. a|x
  4. New LPC1769 Boards And MIOS

    Hi @gerald.wert thanks for getting back to me! Good to hear the new LPC is fine. I'm not planning to use it with a Core board, actually. The idea is to finally get around to making a proper PCB and case for the SpeakJet synth I made years ago. It's a very minimal circuit, with just the LPC board, USB socket, SpeakJet and a simple low-pass filter on the SJ output. So, just to double-confirm: the process of uploading the MIOS boot loader to the new LPC board is the same as with the previous one? Re. Teensy etc. I don't think I have the skills to take on that project myself, unfortunately. I asked mainly because I happen to have a Teensy 3.x and Teensy LC board kicking around. As you say, they're slightly smaller, but also have a more powerful MCU than the LPC1769 (Cortex M4, as opposed to M3). As for the NodeMCU, I think it would be really cool to do something with that and MIDI. Even without MIOS installed on it, if it could be controlled from a MIOS application, I think you could do some interesting things with it. How about have a web-controlled sequencer, for example? Or an wireless OSC sender/receiver? Thanks again for the tips! Cheers, a|x
  5. New LPC1769 Boards And MIOS

    Also, on a related topic, has anyone tried/managed to get MIOS working on any other development boards? I'm thinking particularly of Teensy/Teensy LC, or NodeMCU. I find myself with a couple of the above, and I thought it might be cool to try some MIOS stuff on them. a|x
  6. New LPC1769 Boards And MIOS

    Haven't posted here for many years.. Quick question: does anyone know if the new LPCXPRESSO, Cortex M3-based devboards from NXP are compatible with MIOS? If so, is it pin-compatible with the old version, and would code for the old version work on it without modification? The old ones that the LPC-based MB Core is based on seem to no longer be available. Apologies if this has already been covered (as I said, I've been away). I did a quick search, but didn't find any posts on it.   Cheers, a|x
  7. [SOLD] SammichFM

    Sold to a member of another forum.   Thanks guys,   a|x
  8. [SOLD] SammichFM

    @ilmenator yep, sorry, it's an FM, not the SID one. Sounds equally nice, in it's own way, though it's a quite different beast.   a|x
  9. [SOLD] SammichFM

    Nobody interested? Too expensive?   a|x
  10. [SOLD] SammichFM

    Fully assembled and working SammichFM, never left my home studio. Great condition, with frosty white enclosure and green infilled engravings. I'll include a UK PSU for a UK buyer.   £250 + shipping from UK. Drop me a PM if interested.   Cheers,   a|x      
  11. Thanks for the reply, smashtv. I am reassured. I wasn't implying that you weren't doing anything, incidentally. Having done a couple of component 'bulk orders' in the past, I know how long all this can take. a|x
  12. It's all gone verrrrrry quiet.... a|x
  13. Hiya, just wondering how far you've got through the list, SmashTV. My name is down, but quite far down the list, so was wondering if you've not got to me, or if perhaps there was some other issue. I do have an email address on my profile, but it's not publicly-visible (i.e. you can drop me a message via the contact form, but can't actually see my address). Is this OK? I'd actually forgotten about this one (put my name down some time ago), but I'm still interested. Is there any news on backordered parts, by the way? I'm not in a huge hurry, but it would be good to have an idea of how long things might take, if I haven't now missed the boat entirely, of course. Cheers, a|x
  14. Zipper noise

    Did you get to the bottom of this, in the end? I haven't used my SammichFM for a while, but I didn't notice anything like this last I checked. On the other hand, I did get some pretty nasty digital distortion artifacts when I first put the thing together. They were solved by re-melting the solder on the SMD chips. You could try that, if you haven't already. Just a thought. a|x
  15. Ctrlr based Editor for MBFM

    Great work Thorsten! I was just saying on another forum the other day someone should do a CTRLR-based editor for the MIDIbox/SammichFM. And here it is! a|x