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  1. Has Midibox became closed source and business for somes under TK's cover ?

    1. Hawkeye


      No, all software is and remains open source, as freely available as all schematics on - on which everything MIDIbox is based. Some PCB designs are proprietary and are not shared, but that has been the case since ages, at least since the first MBSEQv4 boards 10 years ago...

    2. Antichambre


      Salut bonhomme, il se passe plein de bonnes choses ici... Même les révolutionnaires vont kiffer! ;)

  2. What are the ribbon cable connectors called

    More generally these are called IDC or IPC connectors : .Depending on the "Pitch" , aka pin spacing , you will have different connectors (male/socket/Pinheader +female IDC on wire) . Traditional pin headers used in previous MBHP design have a pitch of 2.54mm/1mm imperial, wich is also the pitch of traditional DIP (through-hole) components. Most of MBHP pinheaders connectors are 2x05 so you can run a search with something like "2x05 IPC connector 2.54" or "2x05 ipc socket 2.54" Some common brands for connectors are Harwin,Samtec,Molex and Amphenol (at least i have some good experience with their products) But a search on Aliexpress/Ebay/Tayda might give you cheaper results Regards, Jerome
  3. Drumpads

    Also , Force sensing Sensors from Interlink might worth the look too to plug on AIN : Then a silicon plane on top and you have a rubbered drumpad :) regards, Jerome
  4. Drumpads

    Hello, Nice "hardware" informations : - Regards, Jerome
  5. Guys Please Help Me To Start

    Please stop flooding and complaining. Take your time to understand ucapps and wiki, read things and instead of triple posting make a consistent post instead. regards, Jerome
  6. Smaller alternative to discovery-board?

    Hi Chris, maybe something like this might help ? : , it's still bigger than your purposal that i would have preffered something like to stay compatible with existant firmware/MCU used . But maybe still bigger that what you might expect. Hope it helped anyway :) regards, Jerome
  7. Hi all , is it possible to have separated matrixes with the SRIO ? the special design i have in mind for example is having : [DIO-MATRIX]----[DINX*]----[DIO-MATRIX]  modules linked together , like if for whatever routing reasons you have to handle encoders in middle of two matrixes of switches/ LEDs to stay modular for example. Any would say that the most easy would be to do [DIO-MATRIX]---[DIO-MATRIX]---[DINX*] to keep the matrix united but i wanted to know if the mentionned design might work? Also , is having 2 AOUT+ 2 AIN on the SPI port sounds acceptable ? wouldn't be the total data to handle becoming a bit big if you try to mux Analog ins  to end with a 16 outs + 128 ins ? Thanks  in advance for your answers, kind regards, Jerome 
  8. Encoders / Switches debouncing

    Ok thanks dudes , i think i will add the 0.1µF cap on encoders , the bunch of extra resistors and "switch cap" seems then not a real use.
  9. Hi Folks, currently working on a Control Surface PCB driven by DIO i was wondering if such debouncing schems might help or if it was an overcome: Encoder: Switch: regards, Jerome
  10. Merry Xmas to all !

    1. gerald.wert


      Thanks! and to you a happy new year!

  11. How to check an uploaded hex file?

    i'd recommand Code::Blocks , Cross-Platform and Easy to interface with any compilers
  12. SEQ CS board

    @ksir has redrawn the SeqV4 Wilba CS PCB over KiCAD for his personal use and everything was like working . Process documented over Maybe you could kindly ask him to run a batch ? Regards, Jerome
  13. SEQ-1-T.jpg

    Traveller-Seq V4 in case . Very nice build *thumb up*
  14. MBQG_FP Board Schematic

    Huge !
  15. IMG-2876.JPG

    Wow , awesome work !