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  1. Smaller alternative to discovery-board?

    Hi Chris, maybe something like this might help ? : , it's still bigger than your purposal that i would have preffered something like to stay compatible with existant firmware/MCU used . But maybe still bigger that what you might expect. Hope it helped anyway :) regards, Jerome
  2. Hi all , is it possible to have separated matrixes with the SRIO ? the special design i have in mind for example is having : [DIO-MATRIX]----[DINX*]----[DIO-MATRIX]  modules linked together , like if for whatever routing reasons you have to handle encoders in middle of two matrixes of switches/ LEDs to stay modular for example. Any would say that the most easy would be to do [DIO-MATRIX]---[DIO-MATRIX]---[DINX*] to keep the matrix united but i wanted to know if the mentionned design might work? Also , is having 2 AOUT+ 2 AIN on the SPI port sounds acceptable ? wouldn't be the total data to handle becoming a bit big if you try to mux Analog ins  to end with a 16 outs + 128 ins ? Thanks  in advance for your answers, kind regards, Jerome 
  3. Encoders / Switches debouncing

    Ok thanks dudes , i think i will add the 0.1µF cap on encoders , the bunch of extra resistors and "switch cap" seems then not a real use.
  4. Hi Folks, currently working on a Control Surface PCB driven by DIO i was wondering if such debouncing schems might help or if it was an overcome: Encoder: Switch: regards, Jerome
  5. Merry Xmas to all !

    1. gerald.wert


      Thanks! and to you a happy new year!

  6. How to check an uploaded hex file?

    i'd recommand Code::Blocks , Cross-Platform and Easy to interface with any compilers
  7. SEQ CS board

    @ksir has redrawn the SeqV4 Wilba CS PCB over KiCAD for his personal use and everything was like working . Process documented over Maybe you could kindly ask him to run a batch ? Regards, Jerome
  8. SEQ-1-T.jpg

    Traveller-Seq V4 in case . Very nice build *thumb up*
  9. MBQG_FP Board Schematic

    Huge !
  10. IMG-2876.JPG

    Wow , awesome work !
  11. System Menu (SCS) on OLED

    A look over the SVN always help : After a detailed read you should be able to get rid of some problems ;) Greets, Jerome
  12. MIDIbox TIA - Atari 2600 Synth

    Pretty =)
  13. Thoughts on BLMs

    That's a way it could be done , i was sure i have seen the piece of code for this somewhere on the svn but after minutes struggling i can't manage to find it again. If i remember well he used some 93XX from NXP. The why about the MCP23017 / MCP23S17 is that it is having configurable GPIO ( 16 pins acting like or DIN or DOUT depending on the configuration,with possible mixed design) , twice the number of a serial register > for example 2 of these to scan a 16x16 BLM buttons> Lowered number of components. And the argument of mixed I/Os might allow customs I/Os mixed designs based upon only one kind of IC.Once again,it's just a thought. It has been used widely in the arduino world. My other point is about RGB LEDs PWM and cost/number of IC used. Can be done with many I2C/SPI chips, like Ander did with the station (Do anybody remember the chip he used or where the code is?) , or serially with WS2812-alike like you used on your sparkfun pads @latigid on . Problem with ws2812 despite the great design is the price (and sometimes size, being most of the time 5mm-wide on sizes, even on SMT). When i purpose about MAX6960 especially , it was because it attracted me with it first purpose , being a bicolor(R/G+Y) 8x8 matrix driver , that could be extended to RGB (BLM) designs and easily chainable. (remember old MBHP Bicolor BLMs? ^^) Some DIP (even SMD) RGB or bicolor LEDs are really cheap to get x1000 units (and size decreased compared to WS2812) and the column-row driver design attracted me because of the all in one design that could manage 16x8=128 monocolor leds at once , with PWM or 8x8 Bicolor Matrix. Just another though,that is not an -absolute- solution purposal but just one way that could be used to decrease components number, with qualities and defaults too =)  
  14. MIDIbox Quad Genesis Front Panel (MBQG_FP) PCB: Most LEDs On

    The "issue" i was trying to mention for -pure reference- was the case of Large RGB (matrixed) setup with PWM control. Otherwise everything is fine with Shift Registers on mono/bi color LEDs (with or w/o Power driver),maybe excepted the "low" refresh rate (wich is quite enough to drive a 16x16 blm @some hertz, so that's not a real problem). it's -only- technical improvement thoughts for the talking fun =)
  15. One MB-6582, One Power Supply: a Tutorial

    These scans are pretty cool , it should end in the wiki too !! As some members mentionned , off-site doc tend unfortunately to disappear along time.