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  1. Zero Circuit

    Hola, Could spare two hours for the first jam in 2018 :), this time with MBLoopA, MBProgramma and the MB-6582 :) Me had some troubles with the Programma, as it was suddenly inoperational from one day to the next, fortunately only the SD card was damaged, no file system could be recognized. I just formatted it, restored the files and all is well again - the prototype still works :). In this track, the Programma is used to control the bassline synth, the Ensoniq ESQ-M (the spiritual successor of the C64 SID, also from Bob Yannes). Some wild osc-octave switching with quite high filter resonance can be heard later on in the track :-). No MBSeq used here, only the MBLoopA - thanks to Andy, we hope for the public availability of LoopA boards and essential/hard-to-source parts somewhen in springtime! :) Thanks for watching and listening and have a great time with your synths whenever you have the chance to do so! Many greets, Peter
  2. SID Love

    No time for anything (sorry, Andy :-)) but the occasional MBSEQ jam ;-) Big thanks to Shuriken for providing the Anushri boards, what a great little synth! Have a relaxed winter season and thanks for watching and listening! Peter