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  1. Midibox sid midi controller

    Hi there! i have a keyboard with 8 sliders and 8 knobs, all midi cc assignable.  What do u believe would be the optimal parameters setup (16 of them only) to control my midibox sid? Im working with two sids in a stereo config.
  2. Midi box SID bassline

    Hi Guys i'm finding a man to build for me a midi box SID bassline mode Anyone interested in this??  Thanks  for your attention .. Neri Omar  ps:   
  3. Midibox en cascada

    que tal amigos, estoy a punto de comenzar con uno o varios midibox, mi pregunta es, es posible conectarlos en cascada? es decir, usar multiples midibox64 conectados entre si via midi in a midi out y el ultimo dispositivo conectado al PC?   espero sus comentarios
  4. IMG 6802

    From the album MIDIBOX FM