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  1. Hello, I'm looking for someone who could program a PIC16F88 for me (I want to build the simple MIDI merger). I am located in Braunschweig, Germany. Best regards Reiner
  2. Hi! I'm looking to build a simple Midimerger and need a programmed PIC 16F88 for that. Have got an open order from Mikes Elektronikseite, but that doesn't seem to work.   Is there anyone here, who would program a 16F88 for me? Living in Hessen, Germany   Thank you, have a good time.
  3. PIC16F88 firmware not available

    Hello I have purchased all the parts nescassary to build a MBHP_BURNER in order to burn the bootsrap loader on to the PIC18F4685 and the firmware on to the PIC16F88 in order to build the PIC based core. The IIC MIDI Module page mentions firmware is to be burned to the PIC16F88, however i can not find a description of this firmware or a download link for it. Please direct me. Many Thanks
  4. Hi folks,   I have to program four 16F88 PIC with the attached firmware and don't own a programmer. If one of you guys could do that for me I would be very pleased.   Best regards,   Uli   Solved! iic_midi_5-8.hex