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  1. Encoders vs Pots

    Hello. I am new here and thinking of starting a little project of building my own custom MIDI controller. One of the first questionsI came across was if I should use encoders or potentiometers for knobs? In which cases should I use one or the other. What are the advantages of which one? Thank you in advance
  2. Hi there! Can someone please explain to me in a step by step process how to get the analog pins (J5) on the core.  I have built the Core with PIC  (the midio128) V3 design.  Running Mios8.  I don't know how to program or actually what on earth to do to get life out of it?  It just doesn't respond.  Please anybody with step by step procedure! Many thanks.
  3. awesome parts for midibox

    any body ever heard of this place awesome parts, looks like a lot of things i would like to use on midibox!!!!!
  4. Sale: 19 inch plate EQ/Isolator

    Hello,   I am selling these two plates due to overproduction.   3mm Aluminium Raw finish (If you want I can brush it and throw some clear coating on it for a bit extra if you don't want to do it yourself) 19 inch 1U Mountingholes 5/9 Mountingholes for Pots or Encoders (Designed as Isolator or Controller/EQ) There are 2 or 3 available of each.   Note that these plates are quite heavy, so shipping to outter Germany might be costy!   If interested, please PM me.   I had no acces to a better camera so picture quality isn't the best.