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  1. Hello,   Due to overproduction I am selling this Controller Plate.   3mm Aluminium Raw finish (If you want I can brush it and throw some clear coating on it for a bit extra if you don't want to do it yourself) Mounting Holes 19 Inch 5U (unsure of the unit right now, will measure it!)   It is originaly designed as a rotary style controller or mixer. 6 Chanel Volume Controll 4 Band EQ / 3 Band EQ plus Gain per Chanel One aditional Master Volume Controller Headphone Volume Controller and Headphone Jack hole 7 Holes for switches (Cue select) 4 additional Controls 6 Band VU Meter Holes with 16 LEDs per channel (5mm LED)   If interested please PM me. I will post you a render of what you could build with this plate.   I had no acces to a better camera so picture quality isn't the best.  
  2. Sale: 19 inch plate EQ/Isolator

    Hello,   I am selling these two plates due to overproduction.   3mm Aluminium Raw finish (If you want I can brush it and throw some clear coating on it for a bit extra if you don't want to do it yourself) 19 inch 1U Mountingholes 5/9 Mountingholes for Pots or Encoders (Designed as Isolator or Controller/EQ) There are 2 or 3 available of each.   Note that these plates are quite heavy, so shipping to outter Germany might be costy!   If interested, please PM me.   I had no acces to a better camera so picture quality isn't the best.  
  3. Sale: Monome 128 Panel

    Hello Folks,   Due to oveproduction I am offering 2 of the following panels:   Monome 128 Panel Aluminium, 6mm thick Raw finish, pleas brush or paint yourself (if you don't want to do it yourself I may brush it and throw some transparent coating on it I got laying around for a bit extra) No holes or drillings Original measurements from Monome plans Lasermanufactured   Please note these are kind of heavy, so shipping to outter Germany might be costy.   Please PM if you are interested.   Here's a picture. I didn't have acces to a better camera sadly.  
  4. silicone button making

    What I have found out so far: Gummy Bears have a shore of A 10. My buttons came today, and 1) their top is not that big as thought (pictures lie) and 2) not that hard to press, but a simple square of silicon should be able to activate the button without "entering" the silicon (like a nail would).
  5. silicone button making

    Hi, thanks for this very interesting article! I'm thinking of building me a 128 RGB Monomeish device based on Midibox, and as money is talking I do not want to use Sparkfuns pads. So I am thinking of a prorper way to make buttons myself. First I wanted to cut out some "caps" made of Acrylic and put those on 2 tacticle buttons (those with the flat head where you actually could put caps on). But thanks to you I finally found the right term to search for silicon. I wonder how these pads compare to the actual Monome ones. They seem a bit wobbly to me on the Beatseqr videos. Another thing is, how do I make a proper button with silicon caps. If this silicon (I think Dragonskin 30 should be proper) is not stiff enough the solution with tacticle switches underneath will not work very well. It will work even less if I decide to make holes in the pad (like the Monome ones) so i can use 5mm leds and tacticle switches on the same breadboard. The Monome mechanism (graphit? on the silicon pad that closes to circled wires on the PCB) again is an 1) expensive solution (PCB needed) and 2) a hard solution to actually make (I have no idea how to make this graphit circle on the silicon). Anybody who actually build some silicon buttons himself? Thanks and greetings. Edit: Anybody had a Monome in his hands? How is the feel of these buttons? Is a wobbly or really stiff material used? Or is stability achieved by the pretty thick front plate (I think its like 6mm or so) which works as a guide*? *I am looking for the german term "Führung" in the mechanical sense.
  6. Touchpad midi controller

    Ja gut, oder natürlich nur das XY Panel und gar kein Display, hat so ein Kaos Pad ja auch nicht unbeding.
  7. MIDIbox NG Concept

    Hmm, I think I did not make clear what I actually wanted to know. But I can awnser ist now =P It is "software only", as no new modules etc. are to be developed. Only thing is, one has to use the LPC Core, as PIC won't be supported anymore (resepectively not capable of Midibox NG standards). (Ich will sagen, dass ist ein reines Software Projekt, da keine neuen Module eingeführt werden etc., somit ist es nur eine neue und verbesserte MIOS Anwendung). Right? Anyway, nice project. I think a more general Midibox project is a good way, as (imho) the existing projects have their strengths and weaknesses and are specialized too much (e.g., Midibox64E is not recomended with heavy pot use, so one has to tweak quite a bit around if he wants to use encoders and pots at the same project). A project where everything is possible (and has to be configured only) is just the next logical step.
  8. MIDIbox NG Concept

    Silly question: Is this Software only or does the NG Concept include new hardware aswell (except for the MF_NG)?
  9. Touchpad midi controller

    DOGM bis DOGXL Display mit XY Touchpanel sollte seinen Dienst tun.
  10. DIY illuminated butons: the next level :)

    Hi Nebula, the tread you linked is down as well. Does this conversation still exist?
  11. Realising my design ideas

    Hi Thorsten, What exactly is the matter with 1)? Is there no firmware using encoders and pots at once or is the matter the "shift" fuction as I said I want to use EQs and FXs on the same encoder? Good thing I ordered a bunch of pots aswell so I can at least get startet doing music while I get to know my workflow better. For 2) a solution with M4L came into my mind. Then I don't have to either set a BPM on my controller nor tell the controller Abletons clock. USB is a good thing, I don't want a MIDI cable :) Didn't have time to look over the code yet, but this would be a good first thing to do :)
  12. MBHP_CORE_LPC17 PCB bulk order

    Will there be a bulk order some time soon? 6€ was a very interesting price for good quality...
  13. Alps Motorfaders and Encoders

    I can't find the Encoder on the website? It would be nice if you just told people basic infos like values per round and so on, details can be looked up by everybody themselves.
  14. Realising my design ideas

    Hi all, I finally got time to start my midi controller project. Now I have some questions. But kernel, what do you want do do? First thing I want to build, is a DJ Controller. It looks something like this: The 3 main components are: 1) A Mixer Its a 4 channel Mixer, consisting of 4 pots to control volume and 4 encoders per channel, where I can control different other things like EQs or FXs. Encoders are all with push buttons, so summed up I need: - 4 Analog ins - 32 Digital ins for encoders and 16 Digital ins for encoder push button -> 48 Digital ins. 2) The Master Section This consist of a crossfader, 2 pots and 10 Encoders. -> 3 Analog ins -> 20 Digital ins EDIT: As Encoders are just cheaper, I'll take Encoders instead of pots. 3) The Pitcher 4 faders and 4 pots simulate the gain pot and pitchfader. 4 LEDs show point zero of the faders. - 8 Analog ins and - 4 digital outs. EDIT: As Encoders are just cheaper, I'll take Encoders instead of pots. -> 0 Analog ins and -> 8 Digital ins Total: - 21 Analog In - 76 Digital ins. - 4 Digital Out (other solution possible) What I would like, is a "modular" Mixer section so I can add another 4 channels if I want to, but thats not that much of a problem if I have enough Ins and Outs available :) Digital Outs for LEDs aren't that necessary, I shure can find some available pins or use LED drivers via I²C. Which Midibox suits me best? Perhaps I should mention that I use the LPC Core (I have two LPCs at home, yay). Is Midi128 a good choice? Second I would like to build a 303/909 controller, which looks something like: A row of 16 buttons (with LEDs) plus 10 buttons with LEDs in a second row and a bunch of encoders for parameters. And I would like to add a Touchscreen (DOGL or DOGXL with touch panel). So I need: DIN DOUT The bigger question is, which firmware allows me "shift" functions (which I am ready to code manually), as a 909 has many parameters for even more instruments? Second big question, how can I realise the sequencing part? Should I set up the VSTi to play at a MIDI signal or can I manipulate a pattern inside Live? Is there a DOG touch support? If not, I'll code it myself. EDIT: Combining this controller and the one above is a solution I could easily think of. I just have to check how many Digital ins I have free and adjust the number of Encoders here or there if necessary. Third I would like to build a 16*8 RGB LED backlit Monome. I think I will get me third LPC for that if I don't do it with an Arduino. If you have any usefull tips for building it with a LPC don't hestitate to tell me ;) EDIT: I may just use my second LPC if I combine the 2 above and use 3 DOUT elements or I²C PWM LED drivers (this would be nice as I can drive colors "without stepts", but I'll have to check if I can use that many drivers on one bus and which solution is cheaper). EDIT 2: A hell of a dumb question, but does the Core work with MIDI over USB or is the jack just there to transmitt firmware? So thats it for now, thank you for your help. Regards, kernelpanic
  15. Fader design advice

    Try putting some thicker plastik foil between the fader and the frontplate from both sides? Thats the solution I've recently seen at a big Yamaha mixer with motorized faders. Other than that, I see no other solution right now that prevenets dust entering your faders. Hope it helps.