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  1. MIDI Implemtation for EUCON

    Hello I was wondering if anyone had any information on the MIDI implementation for the EUCON protocol that is now used to connect several types of control surfaces to Cubase 10, Logic 10, Nuendo and Protools 2019.5   I think these control surfaces uses Ethernet interface, which is different to the standards used by MIDIBOX but can be used alongside Mackie Control and generic control surfaces. So think of the possibilities, although in all fairness, i do not know if any one has been able to turn their hand to getting their MIDI box to control all the parameters in  all the different plug ins at the same tume. so please forgive me for my ignorance.   I would imagine that there would be little info on this protocol, as the manufacturers would likely want to keep this a closed platform   However, if someone already had a EUCON compatible control surface, I can't see why someone cant' rev engineer using basic mici sniffer apps or even MATLAB Audio Toolbox? apart from the obvious legal restrictions... but hobbyists.. may bend the rules a little for personal use?  
  2. Bonjour,   Je souhaite améliorer une table de mixage pour que les fader puisse contrôler mon logiciel de son (tout en concevant leur fonction première). Donc 32 potards réel reliés à 32 virtuels via une Midibox en USB.   Je ne sais pas exactement ce qu'il me faut comme matériel, un CORE et une carte USB  c'est sûr mais pour le reste je ne sait pas si j'aurai besoin de LCD et des autres cartes.   Si quelqu'un qui a réalisé un projet similaire (ou pas) pouvait me donner quelques conseils ce serai super!!!