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  1. midibox 18f4685 LOAD software

    Hello friends, I am new and this is my first project, I bought midibox sid2, the small version. My odyssey is to load the necessary software inside the pic, I have a USB charger that supports this IC. I would like to know what HEX file I have to load into the PIC or if I have to load several. I've been reading something about a bootloader (bootloader_v1_2b_pic18f4685.hex.) I also have a file inside a folder called midi. Please, if someone can explain the loading sequence of the software, it would make me a father.
  2. MIDIbox logo library for Eagle CAD

    Hi, Just want to share the MIDIbox Logo I made for Eagle CAD. They are in 4 sizes, with and without text. Note: 'Pins' are on copper layer, then put it somewhere there's no traces. No cream. midibox_logo.lbr Best regards Bruno
  3. MIDIbox Logo for your eagle Board

  4. Hey guys, I have a sammichSID which I built from kit a few years ago. It's a fantastic device, but I have a few issues which I can't seem to solve. One is that the Arpeggiator doesn't seem to change direction. It only ever seems to go "Up" no matter how many times I change it to "Down" or any of the other settings. Also, how can I tell if both SIDs are working? Are they both working when I get stereo output? Are the two SIDs required for stereo output, or can stereo output be achieved with only one SID? My sammichSID seems to have stereo output, and the green LEDs at the top move up and down at different rates on the left and the right. Does this mean both SIDs are working? Thanks in advance, Squinton.
  5. 106ps.jpg

    From the album juno

    controller for de roland cloud juno 106
  6. Hello everyone, I have an original unbuilt sammichSID kit for sale. I prefer to sell this to someone in the MIDIBox community.  Originally purchased from Jason Williams(Wilba) in December of 2012. I would like $225 USD for it plus shipping. Contact me to work out the details. I could post it to ebay but there will be a slight upcharge for ebay's fees. 
  7. Accessible MIDIBox Lite

      Hi, I'm a blind musician and A MIDIBox Lite looks like a good solution for me, but I'd like some advice on a couple of component choices: 1 - Can anybody recommend suitable buttons for the GP buttons that have good tactile feedback (i.e. a reliable "click", not a spongy rubber button)? 2 - I'd like to add the encoder option for setting BPM so, again, could anybody recommend a good quality one that clicks around rather than being a smooth action? Many thanks in advance. Tim  
  8. Fatar TP/40L Midification

    Hi everybody, my name is Florian (aka Thoskan) and I live near Toulouse in France. First of all, Thanks to all of you for sharing all this documentation about the project MIDIBOX KB. Initially I wanted to buy the controller LMK2+ alone without the keyboard, but Doepfer wanted to sell me 500 euros. So I refuse and opt for the MIDIBOX project, more interesting, configurable and also much cheaper. My project is to midify a keyboard Fatar TP/40L, and I chose to use MIDIBOX KB, with the CORE_STM32F4 and DIO_MATRIX. I bought the 2 PCBs from and I also printed the FantomXR PCB (Fatar keybed adapter at OSHpark. Thank you FantomXR for this missing piece to my project. For the moment, i just want to connect the keyboard (2 micromatch of 20 pins ), a sustain pedal and 2 yamaha FC7 pedals to control volume and fx. I bought all the components from from the orderlist. Moreover, the STM32F407G-DISC1 is available here:;ARTICLE=219363;SEARCH=STM32F407G-DISC1. It is a little more expensive than at Mouser but the shipping costs are lower (20 euros at mouser vs 5 euros at reichelt). I look forward to receive all these components and I hope that i will solder very soon. I will share every step of the construction, that's why I created this topic. I hope I will not have too many questions.  Thank you Thorsten for this great project and for your generosity.  
  9. Hi folks. I've build a MIDIbox FM years ago and had a lot of fun with it in the last years, but i've never taken the time to design the beautiful case that this synth deserves. It might have to do with the fact, that building something really cool would make the sausage casing more expensive than the sausage. However, in the last days i came to the conclusion, that now it's the time to build something nice and i started with it. Unfortunately i never made a professional designed PCB by myself, but this time the handwired strip boards i used with my projects in the past wont do the trick.Same goes fpr 3d design and cnc milling of the frontpanel, never done anything like this. Actually i'm in the process of learning KiCad and FreeCAD and as i quickly realized, there are a lot of other skills and knowledge i have to learn before. The goal is a 19" case with the extended user interface. The matrix row/column buttons of the original expansion design will be extended to a dedicated button for every single function. To make this work without having to change the code, i want to use DPDT tactile switches, which are really a rare breed out there. Here are the first results of what i've learned until now:
  10. a outtake from our Benefiz-Concert - for a local youth-centrum...
  11. Hi what are the connectors called that connect the ribbon cables to the jumpers can someone send me a link for reichelt I had to make my own out of hard drive connectors and it sucks thanks much appreciated.
  12. I have a number of pre-programmed PIC 18F4685 for sale, already flashed with the latest MIOS. I recently flashed them to help out a fellow MIDIbox community member building an MBSID, but who is not responding to PMs anymore... Shoot me a PM if interested, asking price is 7,50€ (what I payed) per piece plus shipping. I am located in Germany. Regards, ilmenator
  13. Extra wires for core

    Hi I'm having trouble getting my core module working. I notice on the wiring instructions 2 extra wires are to be added to the core pcb. What pins do these 2 wires connect to? Thanks.
  14. Hi, I am using a Midibox Seq4 with latest firmware in Combination with iPad BLM. It is no problem to switch nstruments in BLM. But how can I switch Instruments on the Seq4 itself? I am pressing <Trigger> and or F3 and or Performance layer 3 but I cannot switch between for example BD and SD. Any ideas? Greetz Chris
  15. Hallo zusammen, ich suche jemanden aus dem deutschsprachigen Raum mit Erfahrung und dem nötigen technischen Sachverstand, der bereit wäre mir gegen Bezahlung einen MIDIbox v4+ Sequencer auf Basis der DIY Kits und dem Case von Midiphy zu bauen. Ich selbst habe leider nur unzureichende Erfahrung was bspw. den fachgerechten Umgang mit Elektrobauteilen oder das Löten angeht. Darüber hinaus habe ich gelernt, dass es Dinge gibt, die man den Profis überlassen sollte. Ich hoffe auf Eure Rückmeldung.
  16. Hi Folks ! My LCD problem is solved, my E131 sd card problem seems to be solved......No I'm facing a wilba frontpanel problem... I created the attended directory tree on the SD card: - file MBSEQ_HW.V4 (Wilba's one) at the root of the SD - directory SESSIONS and DEFAULT session created via MIOS terminal Booting the MB lead me to this weird screen: G1:Unnamed             G2: Unnamed           G3: Unnamed           G4: Unnamed NoCat 1: A1 _ _ _ _  NoCat 2: A1 _ _ _ _   NoCat 3: A1 _ _ _ _  >>> NoCat 4: A1 _ _ _ _  Typing sdcard tells me there is no MBSEQ_BM.V4 at the root. So I copied the /SESSIONS/DEFAULT MBSEQ_BM.V4 at the root of the sd and I now get this screen: MIDIbox Seq v4.092               1.1.1                  /SESSIONS/DEFAULT                140.0BPM     Bookmarks              About this MIDIbox<     Open Save SaveAs New Delete        Info The About this MIDIbox< is slightly flickering on the rightmost of the left LCD display... Anyway...I'm pretty sure the wiring is correct but I can't get out of this screen, whichever button or encoder I press.... Could this non responsive frontpanel come from a badly tuned MBSEQ_HW.V4 file ? Which options have to be modified for a "traditional" wilba's frontpanel (with beat led) and no tpd setup.... Cheers, Tom.    
  17. From the album Hawkeyes MB stuff

    Directly from AdrianH's workshop - thanks a lot for the photo!  :)    
  18. All about midibox TIA ! Hi everybody, I'm sorry for the wait, some of you would not believe it. But. Here we are! You will find on the wiki all the "Cartridge" completed. Some of you will find their nickname in the bulk order list. If you still wish it, complete the options if not erase your line. And I will calculate final price for each one of you asap. Best regards Antichambre  
  19. Okay, my google fu is not up to par, and this is my first go at KiCad, but: I've been trying to find schematic files I can open in KiCad (i.e. not pdf's) for the Midibox modules. How do you all do this? I "think" it's possible to import the .brd files in KiCad, if I use the nightly build. Not sure what's an efficient work flow.
  20. Hi Im at the stage of soldering the cables before 1st power up. What pins does iic midi module connect to which pins on core module please? Thanks.
  21. Please where is the link to the bootlader firmware hexfile for burning on to the PIC18F4685 with the MBHP burner? Thanks.
  22. Hello all,     i am finally after 5 years coming to the point of trying to finish off my SID module :) Since i got a lot of nanoSIDs and now trying to build a full 10 SID chip device, yeah :)   I have a question, since, in my humble opinion, the documentation is quite not good, sorry to say so, but I am missing a lot of documentaiton on the schematics, for me the best of coourse would be to have some eagle pcbs files or at least double layed brd and sch files as gif or pdf, to controll all the values.   But what i am really missing big time is some real schematic of my mb6582 modules.   Here is my first question:   in each core module there is a Diode on Pin 35, it gives 5 V thru the pull up? R80 which should be 1k.   Where can i possibly find that in any schematic? Or to put it another way, does anyone have a full schematic of the modular addict mb6582 PCBs?     Would appreciate any help, otherwise i will maybe continue to post my built process. cheers, seb
  23. D-Sub 25 output question

    Hi All, I have a question regarding the Dsub 25 output connector that I would like to use without the transmitter PCB, but with a Aout-ng and D-out. Do I need to use a seperate ground for every output or can these be shared in some case? I mean is the max 12 outputs total; using 24 wires or can i get more my sharing the ground? Thanks,   Cheers Tim      
  24. Hi all :) I have a build and functioning Midibox Seq V4 with front and rear aluminum panels. I have a MPCNC that I build with Wood CNC capabilities and also a laser (2.8W) which can cut opaque acrylic. I'm planning to make wood sides with profiles cut to insert the panels and curved aluminum profiles but I'm having troubles finding suitable aluminum extrusion profiles for the curved parts.  I've look all over and can only seem to find the t-slot style ones in the U.S. Did anybody have any luck finding a good version to use for making the quarter round curved aluminum profiles from a supplier in the U.S.? Thanks for any help you might give :) ~Airyck
  25. Hello all, I've build my core stm32F4(fantomxr pcb) + diomatrix + fatar adapter to connect my 88 keyboard. I installed midibox kb and connected everything, but i can't output any midi, so i guess i did something wrong :) I tried the virtual keyboard and i didn't receive any midi input in my daw, so i was wondering if my setup was correct, it seems midibox kb is loaded correctly(cf picture). Here's the setup of my midibox kb: [13020.190] kb 1 debug on [13020.190] kb 1 midi_ports 0x0001 [13020.190] kb 1 midi_chn 1 [13020.190] kb 1 note_offset 21 [13020.190] kb 1 rows 12 [13020.191] kb 1 velocity on [13020.191] kb 1 release_velocity off [13020.191] kb 1 optimized on [13020.191] kb 1 dout_sr1 1 [13020.191] kb 1 dout_sr2 2 [13020.192] kb 1 din_sr1 1 [13020.192] kb 1 din_sr2 2 [13020.192] kb 1 din_key_offset 40 [13020.192] kb 1 din_inverted off [13020.193] kb 1 break_inverted off [13020.193] kb 1 make_debounced off [13020.193] kb 1 break_is_make off [13020.193] kb 1 delay_fastest 50 [13020.194] kb 1 delay_fastest_black_keys 0 [13020.194] kb 1 delay_fastest_release 150 [13020.195] kb 1 delay_fastest_release_black_keys 0 [13020.195] kb 1 delay_slowest 1000 [13020.195] kb 1 delay_slowest_release 1000 [13020.196] kb 1 ain_pitchwheel off [13020.196] kb 1 ctrl_pitchwheel 128 (PitchBend) [13020.196] kb 1 ain_pitchwheel_inverted off [13020.196] kb 1 ain_modwheel off [13020.198] kb 1 ctrl_modwheel 1 (CC) [13020.198] kb 1 ain_modwheel_inverted off [13020.198] kb 1 ain_expression off [13020.198] kb 1 ctrl_expression 11 (CC) [13020.199] kb 1 ain_expression_inverted off [13020.199] kb 1 ain_sustain off [13020.199] kb 1 ctrl_sustain 64 (CC) [13020.205] kb 1 ain_sustain_inverted off [13020.205] kb 1 ain_sustain_switch off [13020.205] kb 1 ain_bandwidth_ms 0 [13020.205] AIN Calibration Mode disabled. Then i wanted to check if my diomatrix was ok so i connected I1 to O1 on J3 to check for midi input, but i did not receive anything(no data in mios input). Is there a way to troubleshoot easily diomatrix ? or some tension to check on the core stm32F4 , i've checked my soldering and connection with a multimeter and everything seems ok. Thanks!