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  1. Hello there,   i recently fixed my mbsid (mios1.9f and sid v1.7303e, both compiled for 18F4620). And recompiled the sidapp, so the LC512 bankstick is now supported. What I read is, that in this sidapp there's only 128 possible patches per bankstick (as there are only 128 program changes 0xC0). When I switch on my mbsid, I hear the rising sound (meaning found bankstick) TWO times. In contrast in the old config (in setup_8580_without_cs.asm), running the LC512 as LC256 I only got ONE rising sound.   Does that mean I have double the space now or two patch banks? BTW: I know that bankstick addressation is hardcoded via GND/+5V on Pins 1,2,3 of the LC256/LC512   And related question to that is (have been peeking around, but then again got a little confused): How to change access to banksticks in mbsid (v1.7/mios1.9) via MIDI, i.e. BankChange or sysex.   Many thanks, copes