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  1. CEM3379 Stereo VCF assembled board

    From the album CEM3379 Stereo VCF

  2. CEM3379 Stereo VCF schematic v0.3

    From the album CEM3379 Stereo VCF

  3. CEM3379 Stereo VCF PCB v0.3

    From the album CEM3379 Stereo VCF

  4. 985 Kilohertz

    Hola, ... and... who would have suspected this... a new one, this one was "produced" with the little one sitting in her baby chair next to the synths and therefore, there were severe time restrictions (about 10 minutes in total, after a few tracks had been jam-prerecorded on the sequencer). Also, of course, it had to be a somewhat happy melody! :-D It is in a bit of a different format, it was created using only one hand, as the other hand was busy holding the camera and filming :). Hope you enjoyed it and hope to hear new music creations from you, too!  Many greets! Peter
  5. SID Fury

    Hola, after playing a game of Turrican I on the good old Amiga (and incidentially pressing "ESC" while having 23 extra lives, no joke, searched for the pause button :-)!), i managed to be somehow inspired and record a new retrowave tune in two hours :-). Only six tracks (+drums) occupied on the MBSEQ, but a lot fun was involved, so as usual, many thanks are in order to TK. for the AWESOME hardware (MBSEQ+MBSID)! :-D   And many thanks for the Anushri PCB + preprogrammed microcontroller, Shuriken! It is a really nice piece of kit! :-)   Thanks for watching and listening, Peter
  6. Vic Viper - Launch I posted before about my other band, Kirby's Dream Band, in which we use the MB6582 that I built. Here's Vic Viper!  Same keyboardist, using my sammichSID I put together!  Every sound on the album is Guitar, Sammich, Bass, and Drums, so you'll hear the Sammich quite well :)
  7. Mnemonic Mantra

    Hola, it has been a while and it is great to see others posting their sound output in this forum section as well, please keep it coming! :-)... Here is a new late night live jam session, this time with a pair of C64 SIDs (8580) (one engine in the MB6582) and their spiritual successor, the Ensoniq ESQ1/ESQm. Both synthesis engines feature three oscillators per voice, the ESQ1 offers more waveforms, improved envelopes and modulation possibilities and an increased audio quality.     Bob Yannes (the creator of the SID and founder of Ensoniq) once stated, that he (given he would have had the time and resources) would have liked to put the ESQ1 architecture instead of the SID sound architecture into the C64. In a parallel universe, this has probably happened, hehe :-). Many greets and thanks for watching and listening! Peter
  8. Nonlinear Memories

    Hola,   it has been some time, springtime lazyness hit bad and all, but finally... :-) This track is more of a video collage of good memories of the past few years, hope you enjoy! Made with a MB6582 and an Alesis Andromeda, all sequenced by the great MBSEQ V4!     Thanks for watching and listening and have a great springtime! (The plants in the pictures are agaves, of course! ;-))   Many greets, Peter
  9. Hello there,   i recently fixed my mbsid (mios1.9f and sid v1.7303e, both compiled for 18F4620). And recompiled the sidapp, so the LC512 bankstick is now supported. What I read is, that in this sidapp there's only 128 possible patches per bankstick (as there are only 128 program changes 0xC0). When I switch on my mbsid, I hear the rising sound (meaning found bankstick) TWO times. In contrast in the old config (in setup_8580_without_cs.asm), running the LC512 as LC256 I only got ONE rising sound.   Does that mean I have double the space now or two patch banks? BTW: I know that bankstick addressation is hardcoded via GND/+5V on Pins 1,2,3 of the LC256/LC512   And related question to that is (have been peeking around, but then again got a little confused): How to change access to banksticks in mbsid (v1.7/mios1.9) via MIDI, i.e. BankChange or sysex.   Many thanks, copes