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  1. It came to me if there could be a metronome beeping out from audio output featured on STM32F4DISCOVERY?   Setting two different beep frequencies and maybe length of the beep somewhere in the config or via bootloader but even predefined values would be perfect. Something like good old Atari ST Cubase.   My MBSeq is not even finished but I was already scratching my head about how do I go with MIDI metronome. I'm not exactly thrilled by sacrificing one MIDI channel/voice, I would rather spend one audio channel on the mixer if I could choose. But of course I'll live happily wit MIDI metronome ;-)   How do you guys run your metronome on MBSeq? Drum hits? Beeps? Something else?
  2. Morpheo is a PD-Extended patch for Goom synthesizer. It's optimized to be run on dedicated Raspberry Pi 2 box with 800x480 touchscreen but works from any computer with PD-Extended. Main features are: ability to edit all Goom synth params from the control surface except Sustain which you can feed into it from your MIDI controller with Sustain switch switch between MIDI channels and edit the channel patches separately - switching the channels will store the current edits into 'channel patch' and is saved within PD file store up to 256 different sounds/patches (16 banks x 16 patches) with quick access to load and store functions morph (or interpolate if you want) dynamically between current patch and one chosen from the library with Morph fader (mapped to CC1 - ModWheel); you can exclude some parameter groups from the morphing so you avoid drastic changes in the sound (i.e. switching the OSC interaction mode) if you wish so comes with 64 patches created during the PD patch development so you can get the feel of Goom sound possibilities Check the documentation file for full features description, it's zipped in as well. Quite important is the connection, you need to feed the Goom with both, MIDI note data from your controller/sequencer and PD-Extended. If you want to morph sounds with ModWheel you also need to route your controller into PD. Routing tool are up to you, see some suggestions in the docs. All the files in 'release' folder are needed. (As of v1.0 release it's just morpheo.pd) Originally announced CC generator is not implemented yet because I faced some serious bugs which rendered it as useless. This will  be hopefully added in later releases. No git repo for now. From the time being and simplicity I'll keep the Morpheo updates here. Feel free to test it, abuse it, improve it etc. I'm looking forward to your feedback.
  3. stm32f4-core-board-varianten

    Is it possible, as an alternative to STM32F4DISCOVERY board, to use the better STM32F429IDISCO, offered with an integrated LCD and more I / O?   Regards   Karl