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Endless rotary potentiometters ?


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Hello everyone!

I was wondering if someone knows if there exists endless rotary pots. I mean rotary potentiometters with endless 360° mechanical rotation (no stopper).

I would like to use those pots instead of encoders. I would use 16-bit ADCs and figure out a relative value change. By fetching quickly enough the ADCs I could figure out when the pot has been turn completely.

I found this EWVYC pot from Panasonic. However they say "detent pitch 10° min (custom design available)" and I would like no detent at all.


Thanks for your help.

Best regards, Didier.

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Hi Roger!

1. Yes they exist without detends too

Cool. I found the datasheet do not give complete information for product part numbers. Do you know where I could find more info. Also where I could buy these ?

2. I wish you happy implementing  ;D

Thank you :) I don't think it would so hard... Any comment on this ?

3. What advantages should it bring besides being just much more expensive than encoders?  ::)

Continuous values obviously...

Best regards, Didier.

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Probably still cheaper and much easier to use a higher res encoder, no? I've seen 360degree pots, and they were like $40 each.

Do you have links for higher res encoders ?

Mouser sells the ALPS RDC803001A at 1.82$. This is another 360° pot (two phase).

My problem with the EWVYC and the RDC80 is that they don't have a shaft and I don't know where I could find shafts with their shape at end and D shaft at the other end. Practical suggestions are very welcome :)

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Surely Alps have a matching shaft part?

No there isn't... However, it seems to be a standard shape for shafts as Piher has exactly the same shape on their N15s and EWVYCs...

But filtering for shafts in shops (mouser, farnell...) always give me lots of potentiometers. I'm having a hard job finding 6mm shafts with 4.5mm D end (for the waldorf knobs... :))

I already found :

- 6mm diameter with 4.1mm D

- 6mm diameter with 4.6mm D

I don't think any of these will perfectly fit my knobs... Search is continuing!

Best regards, Didier.

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