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Midi -> Trigger Box


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I'm sure someone must have made a box that does this?

I've read a few posts about people wanting such a box, but no real hard results.

I've got a few ancient and wicked sounding drum machines that i'd love to midify, including this incredible and huge Hammond drum machine that sounds amazing and looks like it needs to be played by someone wearing a coat and smoking from a pipe.

Assuming we need 1ms triggers, is there an Application that I can use?

I'm pretty useless at C, but have got a few books, and trying to learn... can anyone help me with the odd gentle prod in the right direction?



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I've seen how the MB-SEQ can do up to 48! 1ms trigger outs with extra DOUT's which is pretty special.

I also have used the 8 Gate outs from J5 on my MB Sequencers, which are great..

To be honest, 1 Core with it's 8 Gate outs should be enough for most of the old drum machines that I'd (And I assume others) would like to midify (Korg MiniPops , CR78 & Hammond etc..)

I guess code that basically has a small key map (Say C1 - G1) on an assignable channel and converts these to either

1- A Pulse or Gate that has the duration as long as the key is held down (might not always be ideal)

2- A Trigger that has a predefined duration (I'd like to be able to code these individually, as some sounds require longer gates to trigger properly)

As some bits of old kit use Short to ground for their internal triggers, the ability to invert some triggers would be handy..

I'd imagine it would be a 'set and forget' sort of install..

Would this be coded in C or ASM like the MB-SEQ?

Any other suggestions?

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Would this be coded in C or ASM like the MB-SEQ?

Hey it's your box, you decide!

Any other suggestions?

If you use the J5IO module, and write the app correctly, you can easily expand it later by simply adding DOUTx4 modules and jacks, setting the number of gates in your makefile, and typing 'make'. I'd probably make the keyrange assignable too.

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