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Danish electronics shops


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I'm wondering actually how many Danish people are building MIDIBoxes?? .. and where they get their parts from :)

The two only shops i know of is Brinck and RS components in Copenhagen, where i live

Brinck elektronik (besides Nørreport station)

I find them to be pretty expensive and often quite misguiding as in 'no we dont have those diodes, but these are just as good' which they allways turn out NOT to be, hehe.. i still use them for shopping wire and other smaller stuff though, but only if im' 100% sure on what i need ... i don't take advice from these guys no more ;)

RS components (besides Nørrebro station)

Wicked website with thousands of nice parts, pleasant and helpfull service.. What they don't have in stock they will get you... i found PICs, displays, knobs, encoders, tactile switches, pt-10 cases and every kind of discrete components at reasonable costs. They even give a discount when buying 5 or 10 of the same item, so it may be a good for Copenhagen-based MIDIBoxers to hook up and buy our stuff together :)

I'd like to know about other Danes' favorite shops, and offcourse the goal of shopping locally would be to avoid shipping costs, taxes, fees, moms, handling expenses and other expenses (often calculated by PostDanmark ;))

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