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  1. Compile errors

    Does the original code compile ok? Can we see the code?
  2. [B] sammichSID or possibly MB-6582

    /me puts on his safety goggles :geek: Good luck with the build, and welcome to the forum :) The MB6582 is very well documented and it's a very rewarding build. You're gonna love it, i'm sure!
  3. Ctrlr based Editor for MBFM

    Very, very nice :) The jsynthlib version was a bit 'weird' to work with here, so i look forward to play with this Ctrlr-based editor!! Now, i really hope that someone would do the same for MBSID. I would give it a try, but i'm positive that i wouldn't get very far :) not smrt enough!
  4. emulator + sammich ...HELP

    The 'Union of cool ppl that uses their MBSID to gain true SID sound from their emulators... and goattracker' is very, very pleased to hear this :D I will inform all the members at our next meeting!
  5. C64 PSU Variants

    May be easier to look in the wiki for the PCB files. i'm pretty sure there were some pdf documents where you could check out the traces
  6. Many of you might know me as the dude who builds stuff in cardboard boxes... well, i stepped up, and i am now manhandling plastic :D I was really sad that my MB6582 had to stand here uncovered, so i had to improvise a dustcover. I had some of this cheap plastic cloth lying around (sry, but i have no idea what the international term for this would be. Here in DK we call it 'presenning') I measured all sides of the box and made a simple template using paper and tape I used the template with a permanent filt tip pen to draw up the shape onto the plastic. When i cut it out, i made sure to leave enough plastic in the corners, so i could later clamp'em together. For the clamping i used an ordinary paper stapler ('heavier' staples would really have been nice). I was kinda liberal during the measuring because i was afraid to make it too small, so mine might seem a bit chubby :) it could easily have been a slimmer fit. I cut out a hole in the back to allow the cover to fit even if cables are attached All in all i'm very pleased with the result considering i spent about 20mins and $1.5 on it. And now i want to make covers for all my other boxes too :D It may not look that slick, but in the end i'm more interested in keeping my stuff safe. In the end, the important thing is that i left my former habit of using cardboard :P
  7. Look here, in the very bottom http://www.midibox.org/dokuwiki/doku.php?id=midibox_sid_faq&s[]=mbsid
  8. Using a keyboard with sammitch

  9. SammichFM Kit LCD Backlight

    The LCD is still dim after you adjust the two trimpots?
  10. AIN CC mapping

    If i'm not incorrect, then the STM32 is mainly used for the Midibox SEQv4
  11. AIN CC mapping

    I'm guessing that you want to build the Midibox64? It takes pots, but it only needs a PIC-based core. What you do with the pots are completely up to you :) you can assign whatever to whichever pot using the lovely configuration software (look here, under 'configuration' http://www.ucapps.de/midibox64.html) On a sidenote, the box itself can be built just how you want it too. Let's say you needed 11 pots and 7 switches = no problem at all. Inhere, the sky is the limit ;)
  12. Using a keyboard with sammitch

    To make it all go inside the keyboard will ofcourse take some room in there, but also on the front of the keyboard, if you plan to have pots/encoders, switches and stuff. I'm not familiar wit Tom Scarff, but his PIC hw/sw most likely is not compatible with Midibox platform, so you might end up yanking everything out, only to stuff inside something else (cooler as it may be, ofcourse, since we're now talking Midibox :)) If I were you: - I'd try to keep my lovely (rare?) Commodore keyboard as intact as possible. Since it lacks some fundamental features like velocity anyways, you'll quickly grow tired of it (imagine you suddenly wants to use it for VSTs/other synths also. An on/off piano won't lend a lot of expression or personal interpretation). - I'd love a new keyboard, with all the modern features such a beast will provide. But my preferences might be far from yours :) In your heart, the answer you must search for, young Luke. Therein the truth you will find!
  13. Using a keyboard with sammitch

    You can easily have velocity control the volume :) or make it control the amp env sustain, which is one of the techniques used when composing SID tunes on a C64. In fact, velocity can be used to control almost any parameter.. vibrato, PWM or whatever, as Midibox SID v2 will treat velocity data just like any other modulation source And now, back on topic :D If you want to make the absolute best use of your keyboard, then make sure you get one that handles sysex and NRPN, because the CC scheme only works for the lead engine. Now, if you get a keyboard that supports NRPN, then you can easily control ANY parameter in your SammichSID in ANY of the engines :) Over at ucapps.de you can find the manual for Midibox SID v2, and in the back you will find looong lists of all the synth parameters and their respective NRPN numbers. You then assign these NRPN numbers to the controls on your keyboard, and voila :) you're rocking! Sysex are of less importance, but allows you to do a lot of other cool things. Most important are the NRPNs if you want to control Drum engine, Multi engine or Bassline engine besides the Lead engine. Lead engine is the only one also supporting CC numbers, so if your keyboard only supports CCs, then all you can control will be Lead engine.
  14. Will be back to normal after Roskilde festival... any other midiboxers attending this year??

    1. Antix


      No ...but was waiting for " Flemming - The Return"