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Peter Lindener

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Thorsten -

I was delighted to find your Open source MidiBox project..... just about to use the NXP LPC1769.....

I was about to start developing a Midi I/O project using the NXP mBed controller...I was looking for Midi interface PCBs when I came across your work...Wow!...complete with integrated OSC support...

Looking around your site... I take it that the MBHP_CORE_LPC17 is kind of new.....not enough there to just roll up the shirt sleeves a dive in..... I gather there are just a few PC boards for it currently in existence?....I will order the LPC1769 LPCXpresso Board... when can I dive in to building up a the rest of the core logic PCB?

The other question I have regards the "Non commercial" aspect of the Open source MIOS operating system...

What are the exact license terms and restrictions on the MidiBox project IP.... Are there possibly also commercial licensing terms for use of your MIOS software system?

Have you considered Licensing your latest core MidiBox logic design such that one might be able to purchase it fully populated from a board assembly vender???.....

With the utmost of respect for the empowerment you have given the MidiBox community.

All the best

-Peter Lindener

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Hi Peter,

some days ago we got the first prototype boards and the results are very good - it seems that all functions are working as intended! :)

Once the prototypes have been tested by more people (they are already assigned to different developers) I will start a second, public batch order with the final layout.


the hardware will be released under NCL, which means (for example) that up to 10 units can be sold per year without asking me for a special permission.

the software is released for private use only, otherwise special permissions are required from the copyright holders of the appr. code sections.

Normally it's ok for me if for example MIOS32 code ($MIOS32_PATH/mios32) is used in commercial applications as long as the project is made available to the DIY community.

Means: hardware should be well documented so that everybody is able to build the project, and source code of the software should be public as well.

(I'm planning to publish these simple rules under ucapps.de soon)

Best Regards, Thorsten.

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Thorsten -

I just wrote Pierce Nichols (see bellow) regarding the possibility of helping to bridging the MidiBox an Arduino open source DIY community's. Would you be open to letting his firm supply a populated, entry level board that would encourage the bridging of these two community's?

From: Peter Lindener <lindener.peter@gmail.com>

Date: Mon, Jul 4, 2011 at 7:06 PM

Subject: Re: mBeduino

To: Pierce Nichols <pierce@logos-electro.com>


Pierce - See: http://www.logos-electro.com/ard-srg-ips4x4-1/

Thanks for writing back. The LeafLabs people have ported a Arduino->ARM Cortex-M3 corelib....so I gather if one were to use the same pin function mappings that Leaf uses...a Zigbee/ARM Arduino like migration path might empower many to continue on to the next level of CPU functionality....

I will be interfacing your 16 channel Hi-Side driver boards to the Latest MidiBox core logic board ~ MBHP_CORE_LPC17 .... This new board design is just about to be released....it utilizes a leading edge, 120Mhz NXP ARM-Cortex-M3 LPC1769 LPCXpresso Board....... Not to mention that the software you would most likely need for your Pipe Organ project is essentially all ready written in "C" as an open source "MidiBox" application....

What I would like to do, ~ working with you, is find a way to bridge Arduino and the MidiBox open source community's. Clearly we could write up how your hi-side driver boards were easly hooked up to this latest Midi Box coreLogic board...

While it is not a necessity that I help build a bridge between these two Tech community's...I certainly can see the big picture value in making such an effort.

The thought here is one of building a pruned down MidiBox coreLogic Board, that also accommodates an compatible Arduino shield.... As you mention with a well written cross compatible core Arduino library.... those taking this step up in there capabilitys might not even miss a beat....(pun intended).... not to mention a sea of more advanced MidiBox projects they might play with as well as further extend....

It sounds like your fairly busy with ZigBee related things so I will understand either way...

all the best


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