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help with apps!

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Hi all,

I am trying to make a 4-channel midi mixer to use in Traktor scratch pro. This will be my first midibox project and after spending some time reading on the wiki and uCApps I am fairly confident on the hardware side of things.

However, I am still quite confused with the programming and apps side of things.

I will be trying to build a box with:

-22 rotary potentiometers for EQ, cue level and filters

-5 slide potentiometers for volume and crossfader

-1 rotary encoder for track select

-13 buttons for cue, track loading and crossfader select

-40 LED's for feedback on VU meters etc.

because of the rotary encoder, I guess that I will need to build this box based on the midibox 64E platform (based on the PIC core)?

Here is my question:

I have no ability to program anything and can anyone tell me what apps I will need? are they all available from here?:

Also, for my requirements, will I need to edit of these apps to make them work for me?

Thank you :)

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As you may have read there's a new core coming out featuring, amongst other things, a USB interface plus other extra goodies. Chances are that something similar to the MB64/MB64E application will be available for this core (using MIOS32 and C-programming) over the old PIC cores using MIOS8 and PIC processor assembler. You'll most likely find programming in C a *lot* easier than assembler.

Take a peek at the programming section in the WIKI, then start installing your toolchain. You'll need MIOS studio for app upload plus basic MIDI testing, a SVN client for version control - this will differ depending on your platform (WIndows, Mac, Linux or other), plus code generation tools like the SDCC compiler and an editor/IDE which again will differ depending on platform.

The toolchain setup is described under the MIOS/programming section of the WIKI under MIOS8 and MIOS32 respectively.

Anyway, your first experiment wil be to try to read and make sense of the source code of your application. Then modify pin declarations and the like to fit your exact hardware setup. Download into your core then troubleshoot til done. thumbsup.png

Best of luck!

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