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post build beginners questions.


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Two super quick questions which are totally different but didn't seem large enough to warrant separate posts.

Q - What is the multitimbrality and polyphony of the on the MBFM

I THINK it is 4 part multitimbral (plus the drums) with 6 voices which can be spread over the 4 parts? I THINK the drums don't affect the multitimbrality / polyphony can someone confirm?

Q - Is there a way to initialize a patch?

I guess I could create an initpatch and copy it over each time, just wondered if there was a faster way.

Q - Is there a way to name a patch on the sammichFM, according to the manual this should be the 6th option on the Ensemble page between Ptch and Chan but I dont seem to have that in my menu??

- Edit - found the answer to this, it is in the save menu, the only was to rename a patch is to save it over itself.

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