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I am adding a gate out function to my MBSeqV4 ... A few questions will follow...

In the configuration file;

DOUT_GATE_SR1 0 <--- What should I put here if I want to use J5 pins to send the gate? AOUT channel 16 is used to send the data to the pin, but this I don't get. :) Shift register chains? My brain!!!

Then all I do is to choose a track and select AOUT as the channel? Still I don't get how to tell which track goes where? I only need one gate out and want to send one track pulse to my analog sequencer to sync it.

The second one is for physical part: Does the gate pulse itself require a ground, or is it just one lead carrying the voltage?

Thats about it :D

Thank you,


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These are additional gate pins which can be accessed via AOUT Channel 16

The "common" gate pins (J5A/B) are accessible over the remaining channels, the details (mapping of gate pins) are described in the manual:

Search for the keywords "AOUT Port"

Yes, the gate pulses require a ground connection, and I strongly recommend you to protect the J5A/B port with a 74HC541 buffer!

This might also be required for level-shifting to 5V if your synth doesn't support 3.3V levels.

Details are described here:

Search for the keywords "CV Outputs"

Best Regards, Thorsten.

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I am at it!


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