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Error when building HEX


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I had an accident when moving and managed to mess upp my

Midibox SID v2 (dual 6581 SID) completely. I have now fixed the

damaged parts but had to get a new PIC since the original was broken.

I have burned the PIC with the latest bootstrap and also uploaded

the latest MIOS. I have also downloaded the latest MBsidv2 zip file

and then proceeded editing the 6581.asm file to my liking. I am

currently trying to build a HEX file without any luck.

Last time I built a HEX was 2-3 years ago so I've updated myself using

the info in this link: http://www.midibox.org/dokuwiki/windows_toolchain_quickstart

All I get is and error message wich is displayed in this picture:


sorry for the blurry picture

I am using a Frost computer (Quad Core 3.4Ghz) running Win7 home.

All related files needed for compiling HEX are installed at these






Whats happening here? I must be doing something wrong, I just wonder what?

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