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control i/o routing on logic 9

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unfortunately it is not possible in logic pro to assign midi controller to dial the available ins, or outs, ob busses to be used by the selected channel.

I would find this extremly useful when taking an itb production and spreading it on the console.

Or during tracking, to quickly and without a mouse select the input to be recorded from.

That would be great, and i keep thinking if maybe there is a workaround to this problem.

-Apple script, other automation software maybe???)

I fear that this is, if possible at all, not very reliable.

-microcontroller running modded logic/macki control software?

I am not sure if these controllers can do the trick, if so this could be an option.

So my question is, besides from if lc is able to control the i/o settings of a channel,

Can the midibox lc software be used on a midibox that offers only these options?

I need no faders, displays, transport functions... Just a dial to select and maybe a couple buttons to switch between ins, outs, busses, and what would be cool, also if it´s stereo or mono outs.

Any idea?

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maybe a Midi Controlled Mixer would do this for you.

In Hardware or in Software like on the Soniccore.

best regards


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thats not what i´m after, i just want to controll those assignments in logic

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MC/LC protocol doesn't give direct access to the parameters.

INs/OUTs, Busses, etc.. can be changed, but only with a user interaction which is (almost) impossible to automate.

E.g. you have to switch between the busses by pressing InOuts or Sends button multiple times, it depends on the channel strip configuration how many times exactly to reach the first parameter again...

So, maybe an alternative proposal: have you ever worked with the controller assignment page?


It could be that there is a premade setup available... somewhere...

Best Regards, Thorsten.

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