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do basically i'm a new forum member looking at a good place to start.....

what my initial outcome is aimed at is to create a home studio on a bullsh#t tight budget.

i already have a yamaha analogue mixer, some computer equipment and an almost obsessive understanding of computers stemming from an early introduction with trs-80s vic-20s etc......

my current direction is to create a control surface for daw caontrol i am looking at something like the midbox64 but with maybe 24 channels.....

my work in progress is a 4 to 6 screen setup with maybe 3 or 4 touch screens (via cheap android tablets) a dozen or so computers configured in a linux cluster for processing power.......

any thoughts, pointers, rants , raves, flames......whatever

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Hello and welcome to the forums! No flamers here.

I just want to clarify that during the 5-6 years I am building gear: DIY != cheap

So, budget has nothing to do with DIY. DIY is all about fun, tailoring your gear to your needs, bragging to your friends about it :P , and, most importantly, getting a deeper knowledge about how stuff works (this is even more handy in analog gear such as compressors etc, becuase when you know how it works electronically, you can actually use it better).

Of course you may already know that, but I felt I should chime in with a disclaimer when I read "bullsh#t tight budget" :)

The best (and only) place to start is by reading EVERYTHING on ucapps.de and on the midibox wiki regarding the project you want to build and the MIOS platform in general. Happy reading!

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i just wanna step in here myself and do the welcome greeting :D. You will find this place a very nice place to learn about this stuff that you ask for.

You say that you want a maybe 24ch daw controller. You should really look into midiboxLC instead of 64, as this emulate Logic / Mackie control surface stuff. it's fairly old project, and I'm not exactly sure if the new version is out yet in it's complete form, but it will be. Newer brains = more possibilities. Just read around and see what you can find out <- ucapps.de is definetly the place to start reading. Combine it with midibox wiki where a lot of detailed info especially about the user projects can be found.

And though DIY is really funny, I can also sign my name under that statement, that it aint dirt cheap. it can be cheaper than commercial, but it may also end up more expensive. The big advantage is that u can spread costs out over a long period of time - and that way on a tight-ish budget. Just depends on how u wanna do it ;).

A last word on that 24ch controller. of course it all depends on how complicated u want it, and how many controls u want on it, but any way you look at this, it is gonna be a pretty big project. :) - so u for you own good hehe i just urge you yet again to not fall into the trap thinking that it's gonna be cheap and easy. But it can absolutely be done if you want it. I don't try to talk you out of anything here ;) - just giving you a heads up - many people jump into something that ends up too big for em, and it distroys the motivation. But if you want it, and you feel u are up to building it, go ahead do it <- you will find a lot of incredibly talented people here that go out of their way to help you solve the problems :)

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Welcome to MIDIbox !

You´ll find a lot of very skilled and helpful people around here, it may be one of the best music diy electronics communities in the world :-)

Also Technobreath´s advice is a very recommendable approach: start small, and then expand, the MIDIbox hardware platform is very modular, so you could start with a minimal control surface, at first just a few encoders and tactile switches, see if it works and then you can add more :-).

Many greets,


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