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mb_64e meta-event usable as a shift function?

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hi, i have a quick question.

i am thinking of a small midibox_64e design and i wanted to know if the meta-event "switch to Bank x" can be used as a shift function, when the button mode "only on" is set.

thanks and greets

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a bank would switch to another setup with different values. The current values won't be stored.

Probably the "switch to group" meta event is better for such a purpose, because it switches to a different range within the same bank.

Best Regards, Thorsten.

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Thanks TK, this info is really helpfull.

As far as i understand, only knobs can be assigned to a group, right? But if i connect two buttons to two pins and tell the box, that this is a knob, then sending relative events with that "knob" would leading to two buttons sending two different events. At least something like bome´s midi translator could pick up and translate to two different actions.

Combined with the "switch to group x" button in "only on" mode, i could end up with some buttons and the desired shift function for them.

Thanks again for the input.


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