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  1. [FS] Midibox Seq 4 Modded

    Ok, so far nothing happened here. I will lower the price to 300,00 € plus shipment. Alternative offers are always welcome.
  2. [FS] Midibox Seq 4 Modded

    Hi, I am selling my Midibox Seq 4. Documentation and pictures here. (The yellow, green and blue buttons are now all black)  Unlike the usual Seq 4 Model, this one doesn´t have the side panel, but it has 4 additional buttons on each side of the big data wheel. Also instead of step leds it has red and green illuminated encoder (green = activated, red = current step). The casing is a self-made wooden case, here is how it was made. It is usb-powered and works very well. I´m asking 450,00 € for this unit, plus suitable shipment to wherever it has to be sent.    issues with the unit: The 15th encoder only lights up in green, the red led inside seems to be broken. But this encoder is available at many electronic stores (e.g. here) 4 Midiconnectors as well as an on/off switch are built in, but are not working. The wiring for those has to be redone, if needed  (I didn´t :-) ).   Please pm me for any questions.
  3. Permission to sell my Midibox gear

    Ah, ok. Thank you. Best Regards John
  4. Please delete second account

    Hi, could anyone please delete my second Account "john doe". I´ve set it up years ago, when I first came in Contact with Midibox, but forgot about it and set up this account later. I noticed yesterday when I accidently logged in with the "john doe" account. Thank you.   Best Regards John
  5. Permission to sell my Midibox gear

    Hi, I´d like to ask permission to sell my Custom SEQ4 and my Midibox NG / Mackie Control Clone. These days, I have to focus the little freetime I have on my family and I find less and less time to make music any more. Link to the documentation: Best Regards John
  6. tutorial: how to create custom glcd fonts, icons and bars for Midibox NG

    Hi Marxon,   I just converted your *.bmp to *.xpm with Gimp Portable 2.8.10 (see attachement). No problems here...   Unfortunately I can´t tell what the problem might be on your end. I´ve not seen this error before. If I had to take a guess I would say maybe there is an issue with the file path (dots, exponents). I´ve encountered errors with paths like this before. Not necessarily with Gimp, but with other Apps.   Other than that I´m afraid I can´t be of much help.   Your *.bmp looks fine, the *.xpm I created seems to be in order and ready for further processing.   Till you get around this problem I´m happy to convert your *.bmps. Just pm me.     @mono:   Nice work with the spreadsheet. I´m not that deep into excel, so I can´t entirely follow your process. Maybe you could upload a sample sheet, so I can have a deeper look.     Greets
  7. Nicely done! And it was build in a relatively short time.   Much respect.
  8. tutorial: how to create custom glcd fonts, icons and bars for Midibox NG

    Thanks for these tipps. Both are very usefull apps. I included them in my tutorial und updated it. For other changes see initial topic.
  9. tutorial: how to create custom glcd fonts, icons and bars for Midibox NG

    Yeah, it is tough to create good looking fonts if they have to be a) this small and b) only black and white. If you´re looking on the internet, then try to find some dedicated lcd fonts or particular small or squared fonts as a template.   I think the true potential here lies in creating nice icons or bars, especially since the original glcd fonts from TK are nice to look at and functional.
  10. tutorial: how to create custom glcd fonts, icons and bars for Midibox NG

    @FantomXR   Glad you got it to work  :happy: . Maybe you could post a picture of your work once you´re done, I´m pretty curious.   @TK   Thanks. I hope it will be of some help to others.
  11. Hi, I finally came around and compiled a brief tutorial on how to create glcd fonts for Midibox NG.   It can be found on my wikipage here.     I hope it´s comprehensable. If any questions arise, don´t hesitate to ask. I will try to help as well as I can. Also, if you find any mistakes I might have put in, just tell me.   Have fun!   my regards       EDIT: Update 01.05.2014: Small changes, mostly fixing linguistic errors and adding additional hints.   EDIT: Update 11.05.2014: - Tutorial now on seperate wiki page                                           - including "little helpers" section with usefull designing apps
  12. Core STM32F4 question

    I believe the STM32F4 comes with its own usb connector so the core board doesn´t have to provide one like the LPC17 core board.
  13. Core STM32F4 question

    If i´m not mistaken a STM32F4 core board is already available at Tim´s. I ordered one a few days ago. I don´t know if the current SEQV4 firmware supports the new core though,I´ve hadn´t have a chance to test it yet.
  14. [FR] Expression Layer

    Thanks for considering this, TK. Looking forward to the new firmware.   my regards
  15. Upcoming MBHP_MF_NG module

    Nice work, mindjuice. Would you mind sharing the layout?   Greets