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Damaged MIDI/USB port on Circuit board - power but no data between laptop

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Hey, I've managed to damage the USB port on my Midi Keyboard. It is now loose. The keyboard still gets power but my laptop doesn't detect the keyboard is connected.


As you can probably tell I'm not that clued up on circuit board repairs so would appreciate any help. I've got the circuit board out but there's no obvious connection that needs repair apart from the USB port being extremely 'wobbly'. Anyone have any idea the best way to fix this?






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The USB socket has to sit flat on the PCB, and all 4 pins in the middle of the socket have to be soldered properly with the 4 tracks (circuit paths).

Probably one of the 4 pins has a loose contact.


Best Regards, Thorsten.

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Thanks for replying. I want to take off the socket and re-solder it on but my standard soldering iron doesn't seem to have any effect on the solders holding the socket down. is it a case of using a more powerful soldering iron? Sorry if this is a silly question. 



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Nice job on getting a decent photograph. 

I continue to be pleasantly surprised at how technology is changing everyday life.

Most people nowadays carry a networked communications device in their pocket, and most have one or multiple cameras attached. Back in the days of 300 baud acoustic modems that was all fantasy.


And on to your problem:

Newer "unleaded" solders have a slightly higher melting point than the leaded stuff, but it should not be enough to create a problem.

When a less experienced person attempts circuit board repair, the greatest chance of damage is from too much heat, causing de-lamination of the traces. Based on that alone, I'd say go gently, or ask a friend with more experience. "More Heat, Bigger Iron" would certainly increase the chances of more damage faster.


If you have other USB ports that work, an external hub might be the easiest way forward.



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