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Selling ALPS Motorfader RSAON11M9AOK


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Im Selling 100 pice ALPS Motorfaders RSAON11M9AOK - Link to the Datasheet 

Price is 15 Euro p. pice & Shipping. I will check the shipping cost if you send me a PM with Quantity and Address.

-for more than 30 Pice = 13 Euro p. Pice & Shipping.

It looks like this:


Best Regards 




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Depends on Weight. How many do you need?

Just checked some regions now.

I live in Switzerland and will always think in CHF. Because of exchange rate fluctuations these Prices can vary... so PM me for exact price by the time you want me to ship.

Most package in EU smaller than 500g is around Euro 14.-

So for max. 25 Faders for Shipping cost is Euro 14.-

more than 25 Faders are around Euro 17.-

close EU: 10-12 Days

<500g = around Euro 14.-

>500g - 1kg = around Euro 17.-

>1kg - 2kg = around Euro 27.-

USA: 15-20 Days

<500g = around $ 22.50

>500g - 1kg = around $ 28.50

>1kg - 2kg = around $ 42.50

One Fader is 14g

These are the lowest rates i can get in Switzerland.

Packaging is about 150g.

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