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Fatar TP40W questions

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I've got a fatar TP40W right in front of me and I hoped, to get it running, by using the adapter-schematics on the ucapps_kb website.

But it seems, that the TP40W has another pinout than the other TP40s. I attached a schematic of the TP40GH.



As you can see, on the left side the connector is not fully assigned. There are two pins, which are not connected to the keyboard. On my keyboard it seems, that every pin goes somewhere. I attached two pictures of the left and right 20pin-connector.





I wrote an email to fatar a month ago... no answer ... I also contacted the German fatar-support Synthax. They can't help me too, because they have no documents about the TP40W.


Meanwhile I ordered two flex cable and two connectors. I created a PCB based on this schematic:

I tried to connect this to the core, but it's not working... I've got really nothing out of it.


So, my question is: What is the easiest way to find out, which pin on the connector of the fatar belongs to which pin on the DIO_Matrix?


Thank you very much!


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