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  1. Hey out there, because the ones on the market are very exepensive and not fitting my needs, I decided to use Eagle, to design an own PCB. I never did a PCB before, so please be kind. I'm happy if you have any suggestions, to make it better. I want to create different PCBs with one encoder, two, four and eight. But at first I need to know, if I did any mistakes in the schematic. So please take a look at the pictures. When everything is ready, I will contact a pcb manufacture to get some prices and will start a bulk order, if other guys are interested in this too. To save space I used 4x 8pin header. They will be mounted on the bottom. I used 16x 0805 SMD LEDs. The encoder is a STEC12E06, because this was the only one in the library and I don't have my encoders yet to create a device by myself. Hint: Look on ebay. I bought 45x encoders ALPS EC11 (don't have the exact modelnumber) for around 30,- EURO. Because the encoders have a thread, I don't need mounting holes but I can add them anyway. There should be enough space in the corners So, any suggestions? ;) Best regards, Chris
  2. GLCD 1306 How to Make a New Font

    Here you can find a nice tutorial:
  3. Fatar TP/40L Midification

    Where are you located? I have made a core, that has everything on board. Just connect the keybed and that’s it. I think I still have some units left.  Let me know!
  4. IMG 1882

    From the album Stuff

  5. Aftertouch

    From the album Stuff

  6. Starting up the dual manual organ

    You set wrong IDs.  Either you do fwd_id=sender:10 respective 11 and leave the rest as is. Or you change the IDs of the senders to correspond with the fwd_ids.  Like this: EVENT_KB id=1 hw_id=1  type=NoteOn chn=1 key=any use_key_number=1 range=0:48  kb_velocity_map=map1  kb_transpose=0 ports=0000000000000000 fwd_id=sender:1 EVENT_KB id=2 hw_id=1  type=NoteOn chn=1 key=any use_key_number=1 range=49:127  kb_velocity_map=map1  kb_transpose=0 ports=0000000000000000 fwd_id=sender:2 EVENT_SENDER id=1 hw_id=1 type=NoteOn chn=3 key=any use_key_number=1 range=0:127 ports=1000110000000000 EVENT_SENDER id=2 hw_id=2 type=NoteOn chn=1 key=any use_key_number=1 range=0:127 ports=1000110000000000
  7. Starting up the dual manual organ

    Or you maybe could do it with a NGR script. I didn't test it, but this might work. Set up a button in your NGC like this: EVENT_BUTTON id=1 type=meta meta=runsection:1 range=0:127 EVENT_KB hw_id=1 id=1 type=NoteOn chn=1 key=any use_key_number=1 range=0:127 EVENT_KB hw_id=1 id=2 type=NoteOn chn=2 key=any use_key_number=1 range=0:127 In NGR you add this: if ^section == 1 if id(Button):1 127 set_active (id)KB:1 0 set_active (id)KB:2 1 endif if id(Button):1 0 set_active (id)KB:1 1 set_active (id)KB:2 0 endif endif And you have to add also this. Without this both KBs would be active on startup: if ^section == 0 set_active (id)KB:1 1 set_active (id)KB:2 0 endif  
  8. idea/request led_mode=

    I tried it and I had no success. The first problem I ran into was, that the MIOS32_DELAY_Wait_uS only allows values up to 65535us.... not much. I will do some more tests.
  9. idea/request led_mode=

    I can do some tests today evening... I'll let you know!
  10. idea/request led_mode=

    I created some metas by myself already. So aren't you able to create a meta, that switches an LED (which is part of the meta-event) on and off with a delay of x-ms? I don't see why this shouldn't work... but I never tried it by myself... you could even add the delay to the meta-message. It's very easy to set up. You just have to edit the mios32_event.c and .h. You can use an already existing meta as example.
  11. update via UART midi

    Are you able to try a "standard" midi connection with optocoupler and all that stuff? I can't imagine, that this solves the problem but it's worth a try.
  12. Drumpads

    Hey people, I'd like to add some drumpads to my MIDIbox. Is there anyone who did this before? Do you have an idea which sensors to take and where to get the rubber for the pads? I know... these days those drumpad-controllers are affordable. But that's not what we are talking about here, right? ;-) Best, Chris
  13. PCBs for sale

    Just a quick note: The OLEDs I received are able to run at 5V instead of 3.3V. They are also brighter at 5V. So you might not need a 3.3V reg. If you use an external 5V power supply for your cores, you are able to power them directly through this.  I'm pretty sure this is valid for other OLEDs too. I order mine at aliexpress for about $3 / pc.
  14. Midibox Core For Sale

    All infos on ucapps are valid for rev c too. 
  15. Midibox Core For Sale

    Check ucapps.
  16. Midibox Core For Sale

    It will fit if you do the leg-mod.
  17. Midibox Core For Sale

    Why are you afraid to the modification, that is suggested on Rev C models (bending the legs)?  And for the STM: You can get the PCBs here:

    If you don't like to do "trial and error"-work DIY might not be the best thing for you to do. 

    C doesn't fit.  D: no experience with it. 
  20. Guys Please Help Me To Start

    No! You are flooding the forum with questions. Most of them can be answered by carefully reading all sites on ucapps and the forum.  And if you have any questions, there are people who help you here. But don't expect to get an answer within a few minutes or hours (like the personal messages you wrote me). 
  21. Hey people, my controller has 9 OLEDs which I want to address via SysEx, which works good. Here is the code: EVENT_RECEIVER id=1 type=SysEx stream="0xf0 0x00 0x31 0x00 ^txt" label=&a lcd_pos=1:1:1 EVENT_RECEIVER id=2 type=SysEx stream="0xf0 0x00 0x32 0x00 ^txt" label=&a lcd_pos=2:1:1 etc. Each OLED has it's own ID (0x31, 0x32, etc.).  What I now try to change is the stream that the OLEDs listen to. So I set up another set of receivers: EVENT_RECEIVER id=11 type=SysEx stream="0xf0 0x00 0x41 0x00 ^txt" label=&a lcd_pos=1:1:1 EVENT_RECEIVER id=12 type=SysEx stream="0xf0 0x00 0x42 0x00 ^txt" label=&a lcd_pos=2:1:1 etc. I use some buttons to "set_active" the different receivers. So the NGR reads: if ^section == 1 set_active (id)RECEIVER:1 1 set_active (id)RECEIVER:2 1 set_active (id)RECEIVER:11 0 set_active (id)RECEIVER:12 0 exit endif if ^section == 2 set_active (id)RECEIVER:1 0 set_active (id)RECEIVER:2 0 set_active (id)RECEIVER:11 1 set_active (id)RECEIVER:12 1 exit endif I'd expect that with this code I can change the stream... but I can't. They are listening to all streams at the same time no matter if I "set_active" those receivers or not. I thought that it might be related to the receivers. So I changed them out with EVENT_LEDs but same here. I can not achieve, to switch between those two SysEx-streams. I also tried the "set_lock" command.... but that was also not working. I also tried button the receivers in different banks and change the banks with the buttons => no success. So... what do I overlook? Is there any solution for my problem? Thanks, Chris
  22. Understanding SysEx-handling and EVENT_RECEIVERS

    Thanks for your hint! But I think you are not right here. The ID doesn't matter because the oled is set with the parameter lcd_pos=1:1:1. This also does not explain the behaviour, that I described above (both displays listen too all streams at the same time instead of only two streams).  
  23. Starting up the dual manual organ

    No, it's not. I use SD-cards with 16GB and more without any problems.
  24. Starting up the dual manual organ

    No, anything should work. NGC-files are very small. So 12MB would be sufficient, but you won't be able to find a SD-card like this. Just take what you have or what you can get.
  25. Starting up the dual manual organ

    Of course not. The SD-card saves the NGC-files.  You can find all parameters of a NGC-file on this page: