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Dear Thorsten
Dear Benoit

I try to integrate the KissBox RTP-MIDI OEM Module(KB OEM) in my MIDIbox (Core_LPC17) Masterkeyboard appl.

What I already did:
A. In the MIOS32 bootloader v1.018: "set spi_midi 1"

B. In the KissBox Editor (V13)->Session Initiator control: Host Port   ""
                                                      Bonjour/Session name:                      "KB OEM Module@253 Port 1" (s. screenshot below)
   Result: The via LAN connected 3rd party RTP-MIDI device (iConnectivity Mio10 IP:
                to the KB OEM Module shows the KB OEM Module "KB OEM Module@253 Port 1" as its 1st session.


C. Setup of T. Erichsen´s "rtpMIDI" on Win10 x64,
   which acts as a Session Initiator between PC Midi-Apps (Session Initiator) and the Mio10 RTP Session Listener/Ports (max. 4 Sessions)

My intension is to use te KB OEM module as bridge for my MIDIbox Masterkeyboard.
Its Endpoint should mainly act as Session Initiator for connected RTP-MIDI devices (2x iConnectivity Mio10 & 1x iConnectivity iConnect MIDI4+)
-> so max. 12 RTP sessions should be initiated by the KB OEM module WITHOUT the need of a computer (PC or Mac).
The remaining 4 RTP sessions would be between the T. Erichsen's rtpMIDI app. as Session Initiator and the PC apps as Session Listener/Responder

There arose several questions/open points.

1. @BEBDigitalAudio: Is my intension above visible with the KB OEM module?

2. @BEBDigitalAudio: KB OEM Firmware seems to be V2.1 shown at the KissBox Editor (s. screenshot of the KissBox Editor above).
   Is this the correct/recent FW you mentioned in:3. @TK.:  SPI Master/Slave role:

     CORE_LPC17 -> SPI Master ?
     KB OEM -> SPI Slave ?
     Correct ?

4. @TK.: can the definition


   in mios32_test/mios32_spi_midi/mios32_config.h
   be reduced to


   if the SPI connection from CORE_LPC17 to KB OEM is the only used SPI connection?   

5. @TK.: Does the related Session ID corespond to the cable ID in the 1st nibble of the 1 byte of the 4-byte 

 "mios32_midi_package_t midi_package"?

6. How can the Core_LPC17 via KB OEM Module act as a Session Initiator for further Sessions apart form the 1st session at startup (s. screenshot mentioned in (B)?
    I suppose via SYSEX stream from CORE_LPC17 to KB OEM via SPI.
6.1  @BEBDigitalAudio: Could you explain the protocol sequence for Session Initiator and the syntax details?

7. How can the Core_LPC17 via KB OEM Module act as a Session Listener/Responder for Session Connection requests
    initiated by other members in the RTP MIDI network?
    I suppose via SYSEX stream from KB OEM  to CORE_LPC17 via SPI.
7.1  @BEBDigitalAudio: Could you explain the protocol sequence for Session Listener and the syntax details?

Thank you very much in advance for your answers and your endless support & enthusiasm for the MIDIbox community !!!!

Best regards


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address Questions to TK & Benoit
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I finally found some time to achieve the next step.... :smile:   In order to help members to include the OEM board in their design, I have created a "core" board based on STM32F4 design from Thorste

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Hello Benoit

Thanks for responding

I read and answered on your private message. I will report on further findings in this forum as soon as I will have further results with the KB OEM module connected to my MIDIBOX LPC17

Best regards,


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