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Hi, I thought about this for a long time and want to throw some ideas around now. I really think this could be a very helpful feature.


The feature I was thinking about is a dedicated expression layer within the parameter layers. This expression layer could provide fixed midi notes for keyswitching or note name maps. The notes showing in the edit screen could be named individually.


The "expression maps" (hope this term is not protected by steinberg :happy: ) could be external text files stored on the sd card. They could be loaded when the expression layer is assigned to a parameter layer inside the track event page.


  Trk. Type Steps/ParL/TrgL Port Chn. Edit Layer  controls  Load Map                         
  G1T1 Note  256   4     8  USB1  01  Name   A    Expr      Violin      PRESETS  INIT


The corresponding text file ("Violin.txt" in my example) could be stored in a seperate directory on the sd card and look like this:


   // expression map for kontakt violin instrument

//  number   name      continuous
    36       'sust'    yes         // sustain
    37       'stac'    yes         // staccato
    38       'pizz'    yes         // pizzicato


In the text file there could be defined:


- key

- the name showing on the edit screen

- whether or not the midi event should be hold until another event/switch takes over



Possible usecases:


- easier and more clear controlling of instruments with keyswitches without memorising hundreds of keyswitching notes for different instruments.

- naming notes individually if an instrument is used that doesn´t require traditional notes (e.g. Reason Dr.Rex Loop Player. Instead of notes it could be more useful to see the slicenumber that is triggered, like 'sl01' for slice 1, 'sl02' for slice 2, ...   Or maybe 'rev1' for reversed slices).

- creating adapted note names for drum samplers which are more complex to be played with a regular drum track



Like I said, these are just ideas, but I really believe many would benefit from this feature.



Thanks for reading.


my regards

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Let's take this into the Wishlist for the STM32F4 based "MIDIbox SEQ V4 Plus" 


Best Regards, Thorsten.

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Thanks for considering this, TK. Looking forward to the new firmware.


my regards

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