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LPCXpresso not showing NXPLPC1700 Projects


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  I am trying to get started with the LPC17 CORE module for my Midibox Seq v4.


I am following the instructions that are posted here:





following the steps for installing the MIOS32 Bootloader


I've downloaded the LPCXpresso 5.2.6 and I have installed and registered.


It does say this now on the Splash Screen:

LPCXpresso5 is fully activated.


The instructions on the above link indicates this:


"After the LPCxpresso IDE has been opened, create a new "FreeRTOS project" for LPC1700 controllers.

This project is only used as a dummy to enable the flash programmer - you don't need to change something in the code template, it won't run under MIOS32 anyhow!
(You will transfer a precompiled binary into the flash)"




But when I go to "Create New project" it doesn't show ANY NXP  option.  



It says this:










I'm attaching a picture showing the New Project Wizard?



Is there something I'm, supporsed to Import first?

Should I be selecting New Project?  Is there different steps?




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