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  1. They are both beautiful ;) But to be honest, they have developed independently and simultaneously. I own the Sequentix P3 (http://www.soundonsound.com/reviews/sequentix-p3) The Cirklon's OS was built on P3 OS v4.5 The P3 as you can see from this yahoo group (if you're a member) has posting back to 2003 (https://groups.yahoo.com/neo/groups/analogue-sequencer/files) the Midibox seq shows: "Erstellt 2003-2004" They are different beasts. I wouldn't be building my Midibox Seq if it was the same as the P3/Cirklon. But I also won't be selling my P3 when I have my
  2. Don't forget MPC 16 Levels feature combined with Note repeat is a great secret weapon Please implement that as well :) The 16 Level feature, let you use the 16 pads (or buttons in the Seqv4's case) to select either 16 levels of velocity or 16 different Note values. So essentially you would make it so buttons 1 - 16 would trigger 16 different levels of Velocity. or 16 different Notes When combined with the Note Repeat and 16 levels provides great live possibilities
  3. +1 for Robotizer though "Secret Weapon" might be more like it :)
  4. I actually very much want this feature but my Midibox Seq is in mid build right now. In the next month it should be done and I'll need this feature , so will report on testing it.
  5. Actually, it should be lpc1769 , so with that said... which selection under lcp17 do i select it has: lpc175x_6x lpx177x_8x ?
  6. Thx! I wasn't sure if there was an LCP17 and LCP1759, so didn't want to assume, not knowing the NXP Products very well. I see when that expands, it has an lpc175x_6x I'm assuming the FreeRTOS under that is what I want to select.
  7. I attached a screen shot, but it seems to have disappeared
  8. Hello, I am trying to get started with the LPC17 CORE module for my Midibox Seq v4. I am following the instructions that are posted here: http://www.ucapps.de/mbhp_core_lpc17.html following the steps for installing the MIOS32 Bootloader I've downloaded the LPCXpresso 5.2.6 and I have installed and registered. It does say this now on the Splash Screen: LPCXpresso5 is fully activated. The instructions on the above link indicates this: "After the LPCxpresso IDE has been opened, create a new "FreeRTOS project" for LPC1700 controllers. This project is only used a
  9. This is one of the way the Sequentix P3 can handles chords. You have an "absolute" chord where you name the Note (eg; d5). Or you can choose an "relative" mode. Where you specify the "offset" from the main note. So if your main note is f4 and you add a +1 then you have g4. http://sequentix.com/pdf/p3-manual-v3.1.006.pdf (under Aux Notes section) ----------> from P3 manual The difference with the relative events is that you can now transpose all the notes in the chord just by changing the main note value on the step. Let’s do the same thing, using the “aux note
  10. So in trying to answer my own question, I've been looking at the source code. But that leaves me with even more questions.. :) I see this here: (root)/trunk/apps/sequencers/midibox_seq_v4/hwcfg/wilba_tpd/MBSEQ_HW.V4 # set this value to 1 if each track has its own set of 16 LEDs to display unmuted steps and current sequencer position # or if you are using a button/led matrix for misc. button/LED functions BLM_ENABLED 1 So the LED's on the matrix will show unmuted steps and current sequencer position. So we have 4 Rows... is that for the 16 steps of the 4 Tracks for the currentl
  11. So, sorry to bring up this old post, but I was wondering if somebody could give me further insight into the function and use of the 4 x 16 BLM. I understand the concept of the BLM, at least at that 16 x 16 x X level. On the larger BLM it's actually a 17 x 17 BLM and the extra colum and row , is how you define the "Modes" of the BLM. So with the simpler, 16 x 4 BLM. How does one control the "Modes"? Or is it a simpler BLM and only controls... ? I see all the instructions on how to build it but just haven't found anything describing its use and function. T
  12. Out of stock there as well: Availability: not in stock Inventory: 0 pcs
  13. Thx! I guess, I'll pay for shipping from Germany from: http://www.csd-electronics.de since i don't want to wait until March....
  14. So Digikey are still out until end of March. I did find here: http://ucapps.de/mbhp/mbhp_core_lpc17_orderlist.txt Reichelt doesn't sell the MagJack There are several hobbyist distributors for these components, e.g. http://www.csd-electronics.de o MagJack 8 polig print 4xLED (#015-54085) for 3.49 EUR So I see that they actually have some now for 3.95 Euro. But I'm still trying to find somewhere stateside to get these, do you think that these will work from Sparkfun?: https://www.sparkfun.com/products/8534 here's the datasheet for it: https://www.
  15. Digikey is out of stock until March 2014, anywhere else?
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