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ALPS Motorfader from Yamaha Console


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Hi *,


a few years ago, I got my hands on replacement parts of a Yamaha digital console. Fader boards with 24 faders in total.

Now I have the following issues:


1. How can I determine, which part number the faders have? (although ALPS only provides RSA0K11... types on their webpage)


2. It has a resistence of 14kOhms. Used with the MF_NG I have about 2cm at the top, which don't produce any values.

I tried to solder 35kOhms in parallel to acheive 10kOhm... but guess, it did not work.


Until now I did not try the motor, only the fader resistance...


Here is a picture of one. post-7940-0-00021500-1413355593_thumb.jp


Is there any way, I can calibrate the MF_NG for this type of fader?

Or does anyone know some other trick?


Best regards,


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yes thats Possible. There was a Member that had the same problem a few days ago with a Motormix Fader. His was a OEM Product with 10k but without a Touch contact... It had just 3 Pins in the front... Seams like they sold varies of OEM...


I don't know how it wold be possible to implement that 14k one to the midibox project. Maybe TK. can help you there...


best regards


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I think, that the MF_NG doesn't read the real resistance value of the pot but the voltage level on the pin instead. It should work with 15k too.

I think the problem isn't related to the pot resistance, there should be an other problem. Did you connect the pot the right way? The two end pins should be connected to +5V and GND,


Regards, Norbim

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Yes, 15k will work as well, just only the signal/noise ratio is lower (means: higher danger for jittering values), but 15k should still be in the acceptable range.


Norbim gave some important hints, please follow-up on this.


Best Regards, Thorsten.

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