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Meantime while im working on SIDO also ive made some parts for his younger brother DAX. DAX is basicly MBFM something like sammichFM. Ive called him DAX because of DX series of Yamahas synthesizers and... JADZIA DAX from Star Trek. As many of you know DAX was a symbiant living inside special selected persons and its somehow connected - you cannot expect whats inside. Beside of that Jadzia was pretty cute and nice lady. Another thing is that this small box can do things like big and heavy synths like DX7. Unfortunatelly ive stoped for sometime jobs on SIDO because some trouble with money (i think its many of us the same problem). But soon i will start again. I found few solutions. For example when ive put headphones into SIDO out hole... after relatively short time 7805 become hot. I didnt observed that when connected to some line in hole in another device. Seems that there would be very reasonable to put between some opamp and remove these transistors which are there. Also i think will be better to separate each SID for his and only his 7805. It will reduce heat.


Anyway you can find in MBSID forum pictures of SIDO and imagine how similar SIDO and DAX will be. In fact its long work because im tryind to build line mixer for multieffects and because no funds progress will be slow.;) 


These boards are in SMT, upper board is double-sided and that lower single-sided. To me they looks very nice.




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It was little long time but finally i did it :)

This upper keyboard is old one from SIDO v2. Current is 2.2bcv. Lower keyboard thats of course DAX control panel. As you can see DAX works on two pcs 7805 in different sizes... anyway before them ive installed DC/DC converter - thats for possibility to use any power supply (with higher voltage than 8V, may be 9V DC or AC - doesnt matter).


Greg (C_04)

DAX TOPsm.jpg

DAX BTMsm.jpg

SIDO b + DAX topsm.jpg

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