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  1. Sido - simpler than Sammich

    Meanwhile i made some cool pcbs ;)   Nano SwinSids i could sell if at least 5 persons interrested then price could be 10EUR each + shipping. Maybe you dont know but Swinsid has 15 waveforms (mainly noises) while sid only 7. Another pics are MCV876 midi to cv converter - can work as synthesizer or CC. DAX is basicly MBFM but in my reincarnation - brother of SIDO. Cheers Greg
  2. DAX - SIDOs younger brother

    Hello It was little long time but finally i did it :) This upper keyboard is old one from SIDO v2. Current is 2.2bcv. Lower keyboard thats of course DAX control panel. As you can see DAX works on two pcs 7805 in different sizes... anyway before them ive installed DC/DC converter - thats for possibility to use any power supply (with higher voltage than 8V, may be 9V DC or AC - doesnt matter). Cheers Greg (C_04)
  3. Hi Then im asking Rowan now: What you can say about this backlight? Its shorted somewhere on LCD or maybe something wrong with sammichSID circuit? Did you tryied supply backlight directly using 5V? Did you measured it? Im really interrested:) Ill explain it why im so interrested - once ive had similar issue and reason was that wires soldered to lcd started to separate because i often bend them and one of them make a short. Maybe it wasnt exactly one of separated wires but definitely it was something like a hair. My lcd was then dull, blinking, restarting uC etc etc etc. I would like to know that LCD is damaged and need to be replaced or its repairable. OLEDs are not so cheap but if someone is rich then... hehehe Anyway LCD backlight may be powered directly from 12V via resistor maybe 1,2k - i would use that in first way. If too dark then 1k. sammichSID has some resistor to change backlight current, unfortunatelly i cant say which one because i dont have any pics with layout right now. Cheers G
  4. Hi Did you repaired it?
  5. Hi I know that some programmer software has possibility to change PIC IDs manually. I have no idea right now which of them you may use but in the past ive seen one who has that possibility. Another thing is if you not sure that it is programming well - use other software which tell you current PIC ID after change. If it will be still the same - you know the answer. Anyway try to find software where you can change IDs manually. Cheers
  6. As i said previously - disconnect entire CS. Use only LCD and check whats happening. If no problems with stucking into ENV page then definitely you have something wrong with CS. Another thing is to check CS connector there may be weak connection. Next shorts!! Check every switch. Im not sayin that any of them is broken but it helps you localise which is which. ENV page if i remember - second is responsible or somehow.  Next you may disassemble ICs from CS and mount only shift registers responsible for buttons, try different order. Blinking leds are last thing what you need now;) Cheers
  7. I could do flash the PIC for you but unfortunately im in Poland. Then we could try to say whats wrong more. Anyway in case your CS is shorted or any other problems may be there my advice is to disconnect entire CS. Keep only LCD connected. Use stronger power supply than this 0,5A and then try upload MIOS to your PIC if you wanna try it by yourself. Cheers ntire
  8. Hi I think there the power supply may be not efficient. 0,5A is a border/edge, you should maybe try 1A. I have 2 SIDO's which are very similar to sammich's and one with 2 SID's work perfectly on 0,5A 12V power supply but another with only 1 SID just starts to boot and restarts. Even lcd baclight is doing the same. It may be everything: memory's needs some current, capacitors has their ESR, PIC needs some current, leds needs current. You dont know how many need each element and you cant calculate it precissely. Even that you need something to loss on diode rectifiers and 7805 + 7809 regulators. This everething may produce your problems so try little stronger power supply. Another thing is that SID not properly started can be damaged. Prey to God because you have symptoms that both of your Sids are broken. They may be just symptoms but definitely you have to check them. Cheers
  9. Synth Session Deluxe VST

    Hi It may be interrested for any of you who wants badly to have MBSID. Its a sample pack of Commodore sounds and its free!!! Unfortunately i did not tested it yet but ive heard some demos and sounds promissing:)   Here you have to scroll down and there close this rectangular banner - download link will be visible now:   http://bedroomproducersblog.com/2012/11/06/bpb-presents-commodore-64-synthesizer-sessions-deluxe-free-sample-pack/   Here you can hear some demo:   Cheers C_04
  10. Trying to fix my sammichSID

    Hehehe Invention is a part what human calls intelligence. Cheers
  11. Sido - simpler than Sammich

    Ok after long break im back here. Some infos: ive installed in my SIDO 1MHz switching supply. It basicly reduce voltage from 12V or more to 7,5V which is then stabilised by 7805 and that helps so much. Another thing i observed: would be better to install here some OPAMP than these transistors and ill try this in newer version of SIDO, also some other mods like AMS1117 for uC and keyboard + LCD.   But whats important... last days/months ive been and we still cooperate to solving some problems of MBSID and MBFM which were described here: Read posts written by Mr. Wylany. Finally he build his own MBSID which is based on designed by me - plans for SIDO. He (Mr. Wylany) designed metal box with wooden sides. As you can see its basicly SIDO in custom enclosure because ive made control keyboard, LCD been also connected and setup was programmed because its 18F451 uC. That rear board with audio connectors is also part from SIDO. Another things like MB CORE + SID Board were ready and working (delivered to me via post). He called this synth "GIANA". And here is:   You may say: its not finished here and there but i think it will be... time is needed here:) Cheers C_04 P.S. Ive started also another job here: Reason in simple: Mr. Wylany had 2 synths without keyboards and LCDs - completely without CS and now its my case;)
  12. Hi Meantime while im working on SIDO also ive made some parts for his younger brother DAX. DAX is basicly MBFM something like sammichFM. Ive called him DAX because of DX series of Yamahas synthesizers and... JADZIA DAX from Star Trek. As many of you know DAX was a symbiant living inside special selected persons and its somehow connected - you cannot expect whats inside. Beside of that Jadzia was pretty cute and nice lady. Another thing is that this small box can do things like big and heavy synths like DX7. Unfortunatelly ive stoped for sometime jobs on SIDO because some trouble with money (i think its many of us the same problem). But soon i will start again. I found few solutions. For example when ive put headphones into SIDO out hole... after relatively short time 7805 become hot. I didnt observed that when connected to some line in hole in another device. Seems that there would be very reasonable to put between some opamp and remove these transistors which are there. Also i think will be better to separate each SID for his and only his 7805. It will reduce heat.   Anyway you can find in MBSID forum pictures of SIDO and imagine how similar SIDO and DAX will be. In fact its long work because im tryind to build line mixer for multieffects and because no funds progress will be slow.;)    These boards are in SMT, upper board is double-sided and that lower single-sided. To me they looks very nice. Cheers C_04
  13. sammichSID power supply for new Zealand

    kristal= i must say that partly you are right. There is possibility to use even 9V regulated power supply but you have to make a little mess inside sammich. Actually you have to use few jumpers. In normal operation when someone dont know what he is doing it may be dangerous. So i thought that we use bridge rectifier and 9V/12V stabilizer. In that case its true you cannot use 12V power supply when you have 6581 inside. Thorsten also wrote that on ucapps.de.   Pvmpirxn you may buy something like this:   http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/AU-Plug-AC-110-240V-12V-2A-switching-Charger-Supply-AC-DC-Power-Adapter-5-5-2-1-/131110981185?pt=AU_Gadgets&hash=item1e86d2ce41   Cheers and whats bad thats not me:)
  14. sammichSID power supply for new Zealand

    kristal= im not saying that they dont know - im saying that someone made mistake. Maybe he thought about 12VAC and then everything is fine. Thinking and writing - these sometimes completely different things.;) Cheers
  15. sammichSID power supply for new Zealand

    kristal= someone made mistake here: If using 6581, make sure you are using a regulated 12V power supply.   Inside sammich we have bridge rectifier and there will be power loss about 1,5V. So how could be still working and have 12V after that rectifier when we plugged 12V regulated = DC? Cheers