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* Did you load the STM32F4 specific version of MB_NG? Other firmwares for other (older) cores might not work.

* What are the startup messages in the MIOS Studio console? There should be some DEBUG output when starting MB_NG.

* Do you have an SD card with any configuration files inserted?


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sorry, it does not work like this - we cannot understand your questions (the language) and always asking for pcb files in multiple, also some very old threads will only put you on the ignore list of many users here!

The MBNG as well as the SCS is excellently documented on ucapps.de - have you read the documentation there? Many people have successfully built it and have no problems whatsoever. If you have problems, please describe exactly what you have done, that you have followed the instructions on ucapps.de and where you have experienced an unsolvable problem. Please always double-check the language before posting, so that we can actually understand where the problem is, only then we can help you!

In short:

* If you have troubleshooting questions, please do post in the "testing/troubleshooting" section of the forum
* Please open a new thread there for each new and valid problem with a meaningful title
* Please refrain from asking for PCB files in random threads

Thanks and have a great weekend!

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