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  1. Another MIDIbox core

    Can use for midio128
  2. Another MIDIbox core

    Where j10 a j10b control surface ports?
  3. this video 2 my midibox stm32f4 disc   
  4. thanks for the time and attention I am a less experienced midibox user, in indonesia, i have built a system midio128 control midi keyboard / organ controller modification organ and button panel button with stm32f4 will and i have followed all the instructions from de ucaps also but when i input hex bootloader filehttp://www.ucapps.de/index.html?page=mios32_bootstrap_newbies.html,  also hex midio v3 .19 on lcd 2x 20 has not appeared as in the picture like this, but i have set it like the one in for midi player via sd card module please help it especially regarding mios 32 hex file for midio 128 v3 http://www.ucapps.de/mios32_download.html bundle package like the one in hex seq 4 file for sequncer as i have explained and i sent the picture through this midibox forum this video update :   
  5. I apologize for my mistake I am a new and english midibox user with this bad I like that I have to say before him that I have built stm32f4 based following my post with the picture to build midio 128 as in this picture, and this is my test forum: 



  6. Help with configuration.

    how to geti want like this set stm32f4 disc for mbng core with scs 
  7. Help with configuration.

    Yes my sd card woek fine
  8. Help with configuration.

    Do you have scs oled lcd for midi ng /midio128 pcb file
  9. IMG 1882

    Can you share yourvpot pcb
  10. Aftertouch

    Do you have pot board pcb brd file
  11. MIDIbox FM

    Are used pic base core 2x20 lcd?
  12. Help with configuration.

    Ofcourse its store on mios terminal but Still wont to work my lcd
  13. Help with configuration.

    when take system on mios terminal