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How can i send a Snapshot of the current position of the pot and butons on a midibox 64?


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Is it possible to send the midi values of the pots and butons of the midibox 64 pressing a buton?. how?. I have buildt a Midibox 64(pic based) without LCD, its configured with the "snapshot on startup" that works great, my problem is the butons are not mecanical, they are just push butons and when I switch off the machine and switch on again all the butons values goes to 0 (off) 




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There is a snapshot button function at D4 of the first DIN SR.

Before switching off the device, you can store the current configuration by pressing&holding the button for 3 seconds (a LCD would show a message... unfortunately you've no LCD so that you probably missed this feature)


Best Regards, Thorsten.

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