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  1. 106ps.jpg

    From the album juno

    controller for de roland cloud juno 106
  2. Hi.   Can  i use this PIC for a midibox?    A friend gave me 3 of them and I want to know if they are compatible    Thx 
  3. LoopA Side

    Fantástic job
  4. DIN problem

    Finally working thank you guys
  5. DIN problem

    OK guys, DOUT , works fine, I mean you can use the ICs you need, just you need to configure the correct outputs pairs with the virtual midi box software and that's it . I only install 2 ICs on the DOUT board
  6. DIN problem

    Now I will try with the DOUT module, I will try to use only two ICs and see what happens, I suppose it will do the same, later I will post my test 
  7. DIN problem

    No, I don't compile a new .asm just the original one , looks like the software it's written to control 32 or 64 digital inputs and when an IC it's no present the behavior its crazy
  8. DIN problem

    Hi again as I supposed the problem ends when I mount the 4 chips, now all works perfect ( or looks like), I think it's a software problem( or configuration) , if someone knows how to solve this for my future boxes I will appreciate.    Btw, how can I use the first 4 buttons as midi triggers?, I don't use LCDs on my boxes and the first 4 buttons are use to control the box in the software, I'm talking about midi box 64    thank you guys
  9. DIN problem

    Better quality
  10. DIN problem

    Sure I will, it's necessary install the 4 chips yes or yes?, maybe the software it's written to control series of 4 chips and that's the problem
  11. DIN problem

    hi again   theres no resistor network, and it's made on proto board , I have check every pin to  5v and I have perfect 10k , I know it's crazy, it is possible the software has something to be here?
  12. DIN problem

    hi Im having a big headache with DIN module  the configurAtion is 2 chips 74hc165n I only need 8 buttons on my midi box 64 the problem is when I press 1 button nothing happens but..... If I press 2 at the same time yes... I mean it send the midi command, for example if I send to ground pin 3 of the 74hc165n nothing hapends but if I send to ground pin 3 and 4 at the same time it send the midi command... Same with 4 and 5 and so on, it's so strange, I have built 5 midi boxes and never hapends something like this, I have tried 3 different PICS with the same results, what can be the problem?       thank you very much