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Midification TR-808

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Here is a diagram for my midification project of TR-808.

I wanna know if it is possible to make and if some people want to help.

Basicly it is a Midi to 16-channel CV and 16 Gate interface that can be used to many modular synths and many other synthesizers.




Best Regards, Tilemachos

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If Someone can work on this i can pay him.

No money but he will receive my TR-808 clone as a present. There will be some extra voices on my module,like Guiro from CR-78 and some 909 voices.


Kind Regards, Tilemachos

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Because it uses global accent from original TR-808 Schematics.


What i need is total control.


I need 16 CV that listens to velocity to control the velocity of each note received.

Aout_NG Module is ready to do this but i need 8 extra Channels of CV.

The maximum channel that Midiboxes can handle are 32 but they are limited to 8..

I think that is time for support all of the channels..


I can desing a pcb to do this but i can't write the drivers for midibox.

It would be awesome if we had a Midibox CV with 32 analog outputs.


Here is another one diagram of what i need


Best Regards, Tilemachos


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