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MIDIBox CV with 15V PSU?


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I don't now how much current the CV draws but if it is below 50-75 mA you could also use the circuit in the link.


The advantage of this, is that you could use a 9v dc adapter or 12v with a regulator. It uses the Lt1054 which can double the voltage supplied and with the vero layout supplied transform it in a bipolar supply.

The downside is that the LT1054 is not very cheap but can be had from aliexpress for under a dollar.


I'm going to use the circuit for powering a solo VCF for a project.



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Thank you both. I see that my question wasn't really clear. I have a PSU with ±15V laying around and wanted to make a sort of adapter for testing purposes. The parts are on their way now.


The image I posted shows two alternatives for the positive half the PSU, and I would use the one on the top and duplicate it for the negative part. Like this one: http://www.midibox.org/dokuwiki/doku.php?id=bipolar_12v_psu#center_tap_transformer, but with a complete PSU instead of a transformer on its input. I should probably have posted this one in the first place.


I will probably get a transformer and make a complete PSU out of it once everything works.

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It's not clear what you have. When you say "a complete PSU instead of a transformer on its input" does this mean you have a 15 V plug pack of some sort? If so is it AC or DC? I think if you try to wire a 7812 and a 7912 in parallel you will have problems.


Or if you've already got a regulated bipolar +/- 15 V PSU then that's fine to use for AOUT_NG without modification. Is it linear or switching? Linear will be better.


Some more info or pictures will help to get the best advice for you.

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