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  1. midiphy SEQ v4+

    The store looks great! So the N.America users should order the essentials pieces from the store? How about cases at Modular Addict? they probably incur a significant shipping cost when shipped from Europe
  2. Sample player 1

    From the album SD Card Sample Player

  3. Sample Player 3

    From the album SD Card Sample Player

  4. Another MIDIbox core

    @FantomXRI made a stencil for a solder mask from the files you provided, then just hand placed components and then it went into a reflow oven @Phatline With Midi I/O module connected you get 2 in and 2 out midi connections 
  5. Another MIDIbox core

    @FantomXR Thanks for info and the files....:) was a fun little build and I’m thinking of a number of small scale projects for it. Hooked up Midi I/O today, working well and tested USB host mode with a controller connected too.
  6. Another MIDIbox core

    I had some of these boards made and soldered one up and I'm happy to report it works. I have to finish populating the PCB, but all looks good, bootloader flashed and the small USB 2x2 app loaded, no problems so far. I have yet to located a suitable SD card holder for the PCB, I have a few coming in the mail though.  
  7. Problems uploading images

    That worked...thanks!
  8. Mini-Core.jpg

    From the album Mini Core

    A successful build of the STM32F4 mini core designed by FantomXR.
  9. I cannot upload an image to the members gallery, tried with an iPad, a Win10 computer using Edge and IE12, I always get this message. "There was a problem processing the uploaded file. -200"  Also get the same message when trying to load a photo into a thread. Ideas anyone?
  10. midiphy SEQ v4+

    I have wanted to do some building for people who find it a challenge and want to experience the power of Midibox. Where and how would I apply for such a position? I guess I’m making my formal application now, my area is Canada/North America. This new sequencer looks fabulous! A real work of art, kudos to Andy TK & Peter and anyone else involved.
  11. New seq4 ready!

    That is pretty funky...….well done!
  12. Totally mind!
  13. Another MIDIbox core

    @FantomXR I'd like to have a go at making one of these for testing, can you tell me the part number MicroSD-slot, these items have a lot of different mount types. Thanks George 
  14. MIDIbox SEQ V4 Release + Feedback

    @MidiSlave I haven't tried this yet but this sounds like what you need, taken from the Changelog V4.094.