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  1. Seq v4 Folder requirements?

    Check the installation page SEQV4 Installation The only file needed is a hardware file that tells the core what kind of hardware you are running, for instance most people use the wilba front panel so the file at the root of the direcrtory will be hwcfg/wilba/MBSEQ_HW.V4. No folders or sysex files are needed 
  2. Aout_NG Not working on midibox seqv4

    If LED1 does not power up then you are not getting power and/or GND to the board, or the LED is no good. Recheck connections and be sure the wiring is correct , the J19 to Aout_NG is non standard and not 1 to 1 pin placement.
  3. Can you try another SD Card and see if the error repeats? I'm assuming you have formatted it correctly and placed the hardware HW file on the card it is <4gig.
  4. Aout_NG Not working on midibox seqv4

    Run testaoutpin cs - si - sc with 1 and 0 and look for the switch in voltage at the pins, if you get that then all your wiring & config is good. Which LED are you expecting to flash? there is only a power LED on the AOUT_NG PCB. 
  5. Record replacing notes...what did I do?

    It might be that this erasing problem is happening to the CC tracks also in Jam mode
  6. Yes...middle 2 holes, but 180 degrees from the others
  7. You can see the LED orientation in this image on the lower right side. All LED's are like L17 in the image they have their cathode facing right, except L31 which is reversed and faces left. Just place your LED's flat side so they line up with the flat side silkscreened on the PCB.
  8. Record replacing notes...what did I do?

    Yeah I'm getting that behaviour too, exactly as explained above, a reboot fixes it. My input is a USB controller and I thought it might have something to do with that, but looks like philwilson is using synths for input. To recap, notes record OK in Live Recording, you see them on display, bar repeats and erases them.
  9. Waveshare Core

    That is very sweet & tidy.....I like it a lot!
  10. MIDIbox SEQ V4 Release + Feedback

    I've noticed the sync to measure is erratic on my SeqV4. In pattern mode with the same 4 patterns playing, as I move around screens I see the countdown or count up to mute/unmute working, then moments later it mutes/umutes immediately on a mute press. I can see no pattern to this behaviour and it seems to work more often than not. Also if I have drum or CC track selected sync to measure does not work. Any ideas?
  11. I have taken the values from an NG flashed core that has a working LCD on J15A. Measurements taken starting at  top pins (#1), key on left side    
  12. Test Midi i/o module from MIOS studio?

    The USB 2x2 utility is for testing or using stand alone in a project, it does not need to be flashed to make the Midi I/O work in a SEQV4 build. If your SEQV4 is not in a case then you should see LED activity on the Midi I/O board when midi information is being transmitted. The IN/Out ports in MIOS Studio should say SEQV4 after flashing the latest SEqV4 firmware.
  13. Test Midi i/o module from MIOS studio?

    Try flashing the USB 2x2 utility  found in the downloads, should work
  14. AOUT + Line Driver HELP needed, no CV

    Here's my notes from my last attempt at getting CV to work, in MIOS Studio I found all related signals switched and my Aout_NG PCB was tested separately in a MBNG with a Standard Control Surface and the CV worked. Aout Problem Tested and found all signals good -  core J19 through line transmitter  & receiver to TLV5630 pins 2/3/4. All switched as expected when using command "testaoutpin" J19 Aout TLV5630   S0 4-S0 2-DIN Tested with si SC 5-SC 3-SCLK Tested with sc RC1 3-CS 4-FS Tested with cs