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  1. Here's another a guy on Facebook/Hardware Sequencers is developing Looper
  2. Very cool, great video and an amazing device!...well done.
  3. Seq V4+ news?

    @gerald.wert That link above is for Julian no?  I don’t think I’ve seen a link to Adrian’s stuff
  4. Seq V4+ news?

    Add some sort of SD Card receiver to that list and that's it, you have a basic SeqV4. There is a spot on the core board for an SD Card, but then it's inside the case.
  5. Midi_IO Troubles

    Did you try another power supply?...are you powering the breadboard circuit from something else or the V4 supply? I tend to always look at the power supply first when trying to debug strange issues just to make sure the power delivery is rock solid. 
  6. Using with a USB Powered Keyboard

    I fitted a switch and a USB connector to the SeqV4 case to put the SeqV4 into USB host mode. The switch jumps R59 on the Discovery board to ground, then you can use a USB keyboard controller, which then receives power from the SeqV4. For firmware updates I power down, unplug the power supply, switch USB modes and connect the PC. I don't know what PA9 does but that might be a better way to simulate what is basically an OTG USB cable A lot of good info here.  
  7. Drumpads

    Thomas Henry's book "The Electronic Drum Cookbook" shows a pad of conductive foam between 2 copper clad boards and a schematic of support circuitry. The circuit outputs a 5v pulse, but no velocity, there is a sensitivity adjustment.Link
  8. Lpc17 Core

    In Midi-Ox my LPC_17 shows 4 input ports while plugged in via USB. Only one is active. The others do show sequencer start/stop commands and probably clock. My use case is a SeqV4L and the 2 inputs ports are fully active, but you have to enable the second one in the config file, there is only 1 input active by default. Hope that helps
  9. Glad you debugged it, I’m using a USB controller and use track select a lot, (thanks to your beginners doc) so I would probably never run into this situation, still good to know though.
  10. I just made a new session using v095_pre10?.....the latest anyway and all is ok. made track, initialized and plays C3’s.
  11. That's pretty strange because it looks like you are doing everything correctly, the only thing that does seem off is the power consumption seems low for a SEQV4, with the displays and all the boards hooked up it should draw a lot more power, so check connections and try another p/s is all I can say.
  12. MBSeqv4 Power Requirements

    I think from the modular is a very nice way to go using line drivers, so you have to factor in the power requirements for that also. See Rowan's post.
  13. CV question

    You need Dout's to generate the clock, triggers and gate signals, gate length is a function of the SeqV4 note on time.
  14. Aout_NG Not working on midibox seqv4

    This is good news. It might help me in my quest to get Aout_NG working, thanks for the update.
  15. This is the EU Midibox place for boards Link, but I don't know if they still do them, I had to dig to find the link on Ucapps and only Modular Addict is listed on a lot of things now. Hope that helps a bit, good luck!