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CRUMAR 198 Electrial Organ Midification + Triggermatrix


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CRUMAR 198 (1976)

i love that device... i did not learned keyboarding... but with that thing i start it by by doing... i was always a step-setter...so excuse that i dont  find "the right notes" > newbee


well i have great planes with it.

built in my triggermatrix, which is some kind of play help, rythm automatic and so on... better you watch my video to understand....

@ the moment only the upper manual is midified with a Core32, and my program "triggermatrix" on it...

the basic idea is:

Connect a drummer, or rythm machine via midi to it, the drum trigger -"re-Trigger" the Key-notes which i press, i can deside via a Matrix which drumtrigger triggers which manual... also there are "song parts" to switch between Trigger-Presets, and Roll-Prests...also the gate length can be changed, and random trigger killer is also integrated... and much more...

how ever , i want leds duo-colour-leds over each Key to show me the last Keys i have pressed... because, when i press a chord-set, which get repeated via the drum trigger...no it sounds... and sounds... meanwhile i go to the lower manual and play, or do bass pedals, or do reverb or drumsequencing or drumsounding... after a few seconds i have vorgotten which dam chords i pressed on the upper manual... so this is a must, i know how to do that... soldering a few weeks of course...

also the leds will show me fittings notes in the circle fifth... and of course the pressed keys are indicated on the lower manual to over all octaves, in order to learn how to play, while i play... a circle of fifth note corection, which shifts the ohter manual when playing the other, and then falling back again...and also automaticly bass folwing is plan...

but up to now i am very happy with this upper manual and the midicontroll via bcr2000.

i think i will make the UI via designed PCB which i will order then, because i need 2time the same UI i think it is very clever to make that right......

i also want to replace those Registers via Potentiometers aka "Zugriegel"... also i want to add a triggered Lopassfilter for each manual...

and much more of course... but enough, now Videos for ears and eyes, and pictures for your eyes and brain - have fun! well i have.


large.JamSession.JPG.cfbff78f972ea2f41bdSwell pedal via foto resistor and a 24V light pulb!large.PSU-Shematics.JPG.d6ff01e1d590f3e5   old psu amp and Loudspeaker, i romed amp and Louspeaker and replaced the power supplylarge.PSU-OLD.JPG.ebd2723f57b348c7ff125e

the new one a "bit oversized"... but that parts i have lying around for 15years!!! (never realized amp project...)large.PSU-NEW.JPG.d1be3f3814757ea2ad032b

spring reverb tank and foot pedals large.Spring-Reverb-outer.JPG.f4e0ebca27


spring reverb magnetic driverlarge.Spring-Reverb-Magneto.JPG.3d2d6601large.Spring-Reverb-inner.JPG.981ad188b7

removed rythm "engine" "walz tango march, slow rong swing rock genuine, bossa nova, bass-auto and chords will be replaced with a midibox core32 my program "triggermatrix" and real Drummachine!!!large.Drums-Removed.JPG.53e6f93e6d4562f8  in order for that you can cut the whole cable-tree... but then you have to solder the orange and one of the dark green cables 2gether, in order to get the lowest octave from the lower manual to work..... there are 2 dark green cables, you have to take the one that goes to the lower manual to the manual - key spirals..  large.Drums-Remove2.JPG.29be8104afa24ab7 

dout modules 5V and level shifter 15V (BC549)...there are 88 outputs for 44 keys, because, 44 are organ, and  44 are "piano"  envelope types...while the piano swell down with the 100uF caps, the organs will be hold...large.DOUT1.JPG.55c5e342123363818519be86 

the selfe eteched din modules.large.Gates-DIN-Module.JPG.e19a472b794b5 

din wired, core mountedlarge.Gates-DIN-Rewired.JPG.58a52d70a7bc

the shematic to midified that thing:

THE 220 Ohm must be replaced via an 10-22K, and the 1K is also not right... i then used a 2K2... but that Transistor get warm and all 44 of them take a current from 0,5A!!!... the powersuplly was not strong enough for that (with the CORE and the LCD in addation...)... but i think that was of cours of dry electroly caps...


burned finger caps? no more!large.Fingerhut.JPG.5e246c15ee1ce0855d1b


video with jamsession is on upload...

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