Printing font with variable character width (exported from TTF)

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Hi everyone!

I thought it might be a good idea to be able to print variable width font on GLCD.

I wrote a simple example using this (see pictures and code in vfw.tar.gz). I don't think it was done before with MIOS? (I made a quick search).

The font bitmap are exported from TTF file using a very quick (and ugly) C program based on Freetype (it might be Linux only... Freetype was an easy option for me, and a good font rasterizer). It takes as input the TTF file and a size, which is then exported as a .c file, which can then be included inside MIOS app (one file per font and size).








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Hi @pilo

intresting stuff.

It looks like you can print multiple font faces and sizes on the same dispaly. Is this already implemented in MIOS?

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Hi @tago

Yes, you can print text using different font faces and sizes. It's not part of MIOS, but works by using bitmap drawing MIOS functions.

It's still a bitmap font system, TTF have to be exported to bitmap, so it takes a little bit of memory for each font faces and size. Also it's not a full featured font system, for example it doesn't support kerning (could be added, but will take even more memory).


If you want I could set up a better example (the one I posted was just a quick test).

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