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[FS] MB6582 Parts

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I've got a bunch of parts that I want to sell for a MB6582. The lot includes most of the parts required to build a MB6582, the only "hard to find" parts missing are the PCBs and PT10 case. See below for a full list of whats included. Some of the part are: 4 x 8580 SID Chip, black screen printed front and rear panel, 15 x Encoders and 4x20 Blue LCD

I'm looking for £150 (GBP) excluding postage for the lot. Payment by paypal only. I'll post worldwide, once a buyer is found I'll get a postage quote.

The pictures show most of the parts include but not all, the list below is what the buyer will receive 

Part Included In Sale

15 x Soundwell 16mm 24PPR Dented Encoder
4 x 20MHz Crystal
1 x 7812 Voltage Regulator
1 x 7805 Votlage Regulator
50 x 13mm Tact Switch
8 x BC547
1 x BC337
5 x 74HC165
11 x 74HC595
9 x 8 Pin DIP Socket
15 x 16 Pin DIP Socket
1 x 40 Pin DIP Socket
4 x 1/4” Stereo Socket
2 x 5 Pin DIN Socket
1 x 8 Pin DIN Socket
56 x 1N1418 Diode
1 x 6N138 Optocoupler
2 x 2200uF 16V Electrolytic Cap
10 x 10uF 25V Electrolytic Cap
8 x 1uF 63V Electrolytic Cap
1 x 100uF 16V Electrolytic Cap
1 x 330nF Cap
40 x 100nF Cap
2 x 18F4685 PIC (I can burn the MIOS boot loader if needed)
4 x 8580 SID Chip
1 x 4x20 Blue LCD
2 x 10k trimmer
4 x Feedback Pot Knobs
1 x DB25 Expansion Port Socket
9 x 100mm 2.54mm Pitch 8 way cable
1 x Black Aluminium Front Panel with off white screen printing for Pactec PT-10 Case
1 x Black Aluminium Rear Panel with off white screen printing for Pactec PT-10 Case


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